christmas card

swiped from teh internets to spread e-lectronic e-joy.

to all, but especially the critter lovers


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8 thoughts on “christmas card

  1. So sweet! I should probably troll around the interwebs and see if I can find something cute to share for Christmas. It might not happen, though.
    I was asked if I was doing Christmas cards this year. I said no, I'm sending everyone good thoughts instead.
    That's about as much as I can accomplish!

  2. Oh, squeeeeeeeeeeee. *dies and melts**comes back**Looks**dies and melts**comes back**clicks pic "save as…"*

  3. Me, too, Amy! I just didn't want to send cards this year. And it's been a simply fine decision! Mousy Christmas!

  4. I heart ecards. all the good thoughts without the hassle and the guilt.
    mousey merry christmas
    happy hogswatch!

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