a Christmas gift

not from me, from National Public Radio 

from here click on the audio link "Hear 'Choirs and Carols: An NPR Christmas'". gorgeous songs, some well known, some not.



Choirs And Carols: An NPR Christmas

Trio Mediaeval

Asa M. Mikkelsen

The vocal group Trio Mediaeval sings old and new Christmas carols from its native Norway in NPR's Studio 4A.

A Mediaeval Music Moment

Trio Mediaeval's holiday performance in NPR's Studio 4A recently featured on NPR's Morning Edition. Hear the story:


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3 thoughts on “a Christmas gift

  1. Listening now. Thank you for spotting this, I very much like. Immediately emailed to my mom & dad & sister.

  2. glad you like, hope the fam does too.
    a nice counter to the same ol' same ol' tunes. I noticed that npr has a playlist feature but I haven't played with it

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