following on the pattern of New Year’s discoveries, Morphine ain’t just a punk band either.

who knew.

hey everyone.   thanks muchly for the kind well-wishes.  much appreciated.

it is NOT bacterial meningitis, which had all of us very worried.  and most unfortunately, lauowolf has some experience with it.  ;(

the spinal tap (and if I never ever ever had another one it'll be too soon) ruled out bacterial meningitis.  the presenting symptoms between bacterial and viral meningitis are similar enough that spinal tap is required by protocol in order for a definitely diagnosis.
in other findings,  morphine is teh awesomeness.  W. H. O. A.
in more findings,medical personal is never going to give as much morphine as you feel you need.   understandably.  so I am making do with Tylenol, which takes a lot of the pain off.

I will try to continue updating, more sporadically than I'd like.

thanks to y'all for your kind concern,   m

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14 thoughts on “following on the pattern of New Year’s discoveries, Morphine ain’t just a punk band either.

  1. My mom loves morphine – but only for what it does for DadH.
    "He was lucid and chatty! That's the man I married!"
    Sorry to hear you had such a scare. Sending you best wishes and soothing thoughts. Keep us posted, as we know you will as best you are able!

  2. spinal taps — meningitis — you are using some horrifying words, mariser! holy shit.I'm so so sorry to hear you're going through all of this. Please keep us posted when you feel up to it, ok? And know that we're all thinking of you and hoping you're all better soon.((( beeeeg get well soon huggs & loves )))

  3. *hugs* I've been so out of touch, I had no idea you were going through this. Get well soon. The Miao Brothers are sending you lots and lots of floofy soothing thoughts.

  4. MORPHINE WAS NEVER PUNK. Ahem. They were awesome, though. RIP Mark Sandman, who's prob'ly sittin' on the front porch, drinkin' red wine… Good to hear from you. I'd recommend ibuprofen over acetaminophen any day, but it can irritate your stomach in larger doses (or if you haven't had any food). Take care.

  5. Hmmm… Spinal Tap beats four hour tooth extraction. Damn. Now what am I going to do? Glad to hear that things are at least under control now. Hope for a swift and low pain recovery.

  6. OMG. Sorry to hear you're sick, and VERY GLAD it isn't bacterial meningitis.Sending you healing thoughts and hope you feel better soon. ((((hugs))))

  7. I've been so scattered, I had no idea you were dealing with all of this! So add my well-wishes to the pile!!(((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))

  8. Oh crap Marisa this blows big time. Glad it's not bacterial meningitis, but how awful anyway. :-( Feel better right quick. xxxooo

  9. Here's a pillow. Here's hot tea and a blankie. And here's a lapful of kitty to soothe you. I hope you never, ever, ever, ever have to go through that again. (((hugs)))I'm w/teho on the ibu vs. aceta stuff. Tylenol never did a thing for my knee.

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