Who knew Spinal Tap ain’t just a rock band

This is the SO posting for Mariser.   There will be a lengthy post later.  Don't worry,  everything is under control.  But she's not able to post coherently at this time (no sleep and pain killers).

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14 thoughts on “Who knew Spinal Tap ain’t just a rock band

  1. Oh, ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))
    I was wondering why she has been so quiet, I just figured it was Festivus Festivities.
    Feel better soon, M, and thanks to Lord K for the heads up.

  2. Poor m!!! Please give her my <3 and best wishes for recovery. I miss her and was wondering where she was. Thanks for letting us know, Lord K.

  3. Yipes! Sending best wishes and healing thoughts. We'll keep checking in for more news.

  4. Oh no, best wishes, and gentle hugs. Isn't that the most painful thing ever invented??? – Get well soon Mariser.

  5. hey everyone. thanks muchly for the kind well-wishes. much appreciated.it is NOT bacterial meningitis, which had all of us very worried. and most unfortunately, lauowolf has some experience with it. ;(the spinal tap (and if I never ever ever had another one it'll be too soon) ruled out bacterial meningitis. the presenting symptoms between bacterial and viral meningitis are similar enough that spinal tap is required by protocol in order for a definitely diagnosis. in other findings, morphine is teh awesomeness. W. H. O. A.in more findings,medical personal is never going to give as much morphine as you feel you need. unerstandably. so I am making do with Tylenol, which takes a lot of the pain off.I will tro to continue updating, at least sporadically.thanks to y'all for your kind concern, m

  6. ERK!!!!SO sorry to hear you have been feeling really crappy, mariser!!! Also very glad to hear it's not bacterial meningitis.I hope you feel much much better SOON. Beeeg hugs!!!

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