another way to pimp GodBlog

this is the email I just sent to the "suggest a book for our collection" at the local library.

Laurie Channer is a Canadian author. this is her first novel.
I found the reading gripping and the topic relevant, as blogging, which many people thought had "peaked" a year or so ago, is instead becoming more and more integral to our daily experience.

I think GODBLOG would be a great addition to the Fiction collection of the library.
thanks for your consideration

the library "regrets that due to the large number of suggestions they receive they are unable to either put on reserve or notify patrons when/if items they request are purchased".   no matter.  I'll check periodically and report back.

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16 thoughts on “another way to pimp GodBlog

  1. I'm a huge user and fan of libraries since I was a little kid. I worked in libraries. While some authors see library borrowers of a book as depriving them of a sale, I'm all for it. Thanks, mariser!

  2. While some authors see library borrowers of a book as depriving them of a sale, I'm all for it.somehow, I knew that. you be cool like dat

  3. I was wondering how books get chosen for libraries. Do I just send a note like you did? Because I'll steal your text and do that for mine as well.

  4. ames, we librarian-types usually select the books for the collections, but most libraries, especially public ones, welcome suggestions from patrons. the item suggested is not always added (issues of availability, cost, suitability, ad nauseum), but the librarians seriously want to hear what YOU want in the collection.usually the library has a form on its website, I dare guess your library is Tempe Public Library. if so, here is their purchase suggestion form (which btw, was very well hidden. took me a bit to find it)the more information you can provide, the better. copied here for easy c'n'p:Publisher: Napoleon & Company (October 1, 2008)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 1894917669ISBN-13: 978-1894917667

  5. Thanks for all the info! I'm more than happy to do it – especially since you did all the work for me already! :-)

  6. I should do this, too. And since the book is already out, my library can't send me a snarky message telling me NOT to request books that haven't been published yet…

  7. In fact, next week, I get to do an author stint (just an hour) in the Publishers' Association booth at the Ontario Library Association Superconference here in Toronto. Maybe that'll get it in a bunch more libraries.

  8. yeah, our catalogers put it in YA and I asked her if it should not be in Adult. she said it should be in Adult.

  9. that's interesting. I went back-and-forth a bit as to whether I should suggest it for YA.YA utterly defeats me: there is soooo much overlap between "later" YA and Adult fiction.

  10. I never intended it as YA. This imprint from the publisher (that Godblog is part of) is aimed primarily at 18-35 year-olds.

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