happy year of the brown cow!

…at least according to one website,  2009/4706 is:

Chinese New Year 2009 – The Year of Ox –

The Year of Earth Cow – The Year of Brown Cow

since I me meself was born on 1961, this year is the beginning of my 4th cycle.  a 4th cycle female brown ox

seems pretty fucking awesome to me.

bringit.  on

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8 thoughts on “happy year of the brown cow!

  1. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!
    If I had access to the picture, I would post one of two oxen we sold to a pioneer history museum. It was way back when I was a child, and DadH was approached by some people who wanted to create a living history center. They wanted a pair of brown oxen to help plow fields.
    So DadH had two Brown Swiss bull calves neutered and away they went to be a part of the effort. There is a picture of them pulling a hand plow and an article from a newspaper story somewhere at the H house. I thought that was pretty damn cool. I remember the quote being about how popular, gentle and friendly the boys were. Yay!

  2. it's mine too! and my BFF's. and I've adopted a cow-kitty.We are going to our annual 10-course Chinese New Year's feast on Wed. NOM.Kemi and Merlin are both 12 (or going on)? Wow. Being a Miao Brother is good for your health, obviously.mooooooooooooooooooooo! (or however cows moo in Chinese)

  3. Happy New Year to you!!I was supposed to get up early and go to the nail salon to help the girls there bring in the new year – but sleeping an extra 3hours sounded better.Somewhere online called this "the year of the human" and I'm still wondering how they came up with that.

  4. Now I've got "How now brown cow" stuck in my head. But 'cow' in Chinese is mu niu, "moo nee-yu," or moo new. Some joker told me that Chinese call their cows "moo" because that's what they do. Happy Lunar New Year. I'm gonna like down now after all those moos.

  5. lurker! I didn't know we were birth year sisters. I knew we were in the same age bracket…and to make it perfect we share it with not one but two Miao Bros. awesome.you got to moblog your 10-course CNY dinner. the recount is mouthwaterin but we want pics.check this post by my friend Hangaku Gozen for some advice on how to maneuver thorought this year – good stuff to know

  6. I am a rat year guy. How perfect,lol. I just saw at IG's diner that you have been sick and I had no idea. I hope things get better and of course being your year they have to get better. I'm a year older than you and LT and I sure feel it. Tater resembles a Geurnsey cow. Brownish red but she has a dewlap for some reason. And her toes look like hooves.
    2 Miaow Brothers also. Happy Moo Year. And happy me-ooooh year to the brothers.

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