kill her, Stains, kill her!

from the often sublime E! Online's The Soup comes this clip featuring an Australian dog, Stains:

edit 20090127@9:41pm:  removed, as "embedding is disabled by request"

watch the clip at YT, at E! Online (direct link)

or look for it in The Soup's blog (posted on Friday, January 23rd)

Canajans, check here

UKers, here

Aussies,  here

and just so you get an idea of what I'm talking about, a screenshot via VOX neighbor Dewitte:

… I was so wishing for Stains to first bite her on the crotch and then eat the cupcakes.

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12 thoughts on “kill her, Stains, kill her!

  1. aye – no embedding and my office has done something so youtube never loads here. i'll have to remember to check it from home.

  2. Holy crap!!!!I went to the main site and then typed on "Stains" in the search. Poor puppy!!! He had to go all catatonic to resist the cupcakes. Go for 'em, Stains, go for 'em!!!

  3. This has got to be the creepiest dog ever. They should call him creeps. I remember being at camp once and a dog like that kept coming up to the door and peering in at us. I thought I was in a Stephen King novel.

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