mid-afternoon of a winter day

when things around me look like this

shame that excavator, eh?  takes away from the poetry of the moment.
fun bonus fact:  said excavator has been parked in front of our house since past Sunday night. they were to have dugup our gas lines this past Monday.  apparently, it is "too cold". *

* obviously these folks are not of hardy Kansan stock.  Kansans would have laughed at the cold. laughed.

the ivy is outside.  draping around the outside of the house.

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9 thoughts on “mid-afternoon of a winter day

  1. I lurv Hoppin John. We had that for New Years. Important question–do you cook your rice in with the beans or serve it separately?

  2. stephel, we had a teeny tiny bit of sunshine this morning but no more. we gratefully accept a share of yoursjaypo, it depends: normally I cook the rice and beans together and finish it in the oven. since I am sick and lazy, I' cooked the fresh beans and mixed them with leftover brown rice.

  3. Wow! That first pic looks pretty awesome! Not as much snow here–just a thick layer of clear ice–your trees are prettier…Is Lord K on his way home yet?

  4. I am home now. Main roads were not bad with the exception that whole chunks of the city are without power and thus traffic lights are out. The side streets are a different story. Our street has a median and one side is blocked by a fallen tree and power lines. Luckily, its on a different transformer and we still have power. The city has not touched our street.

  5. Looks really cold! But beautiful photographs. I do love snow. I just get tired of it eventually. And we've had so many hot (upper 60s) spells this winter that I haven't been able to get really accustomed to the cold and snow when it does come.

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