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4 thoughts on “STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yeah yeah,yeah,lol! Congrats! It was pretty thrilling there for the last five minutes especially. Alas, I was on the losing side but at least my girl's basketball team beat Bama today,lol. I hope you guys are warm and digging out. Folks are driving down here for generators but I am guessing you have power (unless you have a cat powered computer). Congrats Mariser. Good game.

  2. 'twas an awesome game, wasn't it? I thought the Cards had it. unbe-freaking-lievablewhat a gameI'm wearing my Stillers cap the rest of the week. no matter how geeky I look.we have power. probably because we have a generator already, got it in 2003 during the last big ice storm when we were without power for a week.

  3. There is another round of crappy weather coming through tomorrow. Hopefully it will miss the poor folks who have already been hit.
    Totally exciting game. Couldn't believe the safety but then the TD in the end zone. Off the hook. Wear that hat proudly. Six Super Bowl wins.

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