I maded a KOLz

thirsty koala

from picture sent on the email rails to teh Peg o' Tilling                                                                      picture source

these terrible fires can't end soon enough.  best to all Aussies.

edit:  the pic and story made it to CO.  !yay!
if you'd like to donate towards the relief effort you can do so at

The Red Cross of Australia
Wildlife Victoria
RSPCA Victoria
The Salvation Army of Australia

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10 thoughts on “I maded a KOLz

  1. heh.glad my evil plan worked. now, sit back and wait for the checks from the Bottled Water Association…by-the-by-and-by, I badgered Peg to send the pic to CO until she acquiesced; I sent it too and I'm sure many other Cuteporters have

  2. Oooooh. The poor baby. And all the poor babies, human and non that had to deal with those fires. Horrible just horrible. Your KOL is adorable though! :)

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