10 thoughts on “Dateline NBC interview with octuplets mom

  1. I tend to ignore whatever is being sensationalized. If certain people at my job are captivated by something and I try to pay attention or generally "tune in," I get pissed off at some kind of inanity or outright idiocy. I have a gut feeling this would really, really piss me off — both at the situation and then at myself for wasting that time! ;p

  2. Hubbicula pulled the Octopussy one, too. I had to laugh at the "bitch please" face, because…well, I don't know how you could restrain yourself interviewing somebody that batfuck insane.

  3. I wonder how long it will be before she loses custody. Because apparently her parents have declared that they won't help her anymore.

  4. Oh yeah, I didn't read the article but a headline I saw the other day said it's going to cost taxpayers $1.3 million. Oh joy. Then I saw the end of one of those shitty 7:30 shows, I think it was Insider or ET and of course they were reporting on her and I thought, WHY ARE YOU GIVING THIS BITCH PRESS? and then I thought, you know what? Let ET and Insider and all those shit shows take the burden off the taxpayers, let them pay her for interviews and shit. I really despise that woman, it is the ultimate in irresponsibility.

  5. Too funny. Given my current condition, I don't why I subjected myself to watching, but I did. Thankfully Anne's incredulity (and my parents' running commentary) kept me laughing and kept the blood from boiling.

  6. Oy! In general, I'm all in favor of government staying the hell out of people's private affairs, but this is one case where I think that forced sterilization and taking the children from her custody would be entirely justified. After all, we are footing the bill for her irresponsible stupidity. (Or else, get that freakin' quack who performed the procedure to pay the medical bills.)

  7. I agree, TS. The quack who added the eight little soon to be neglected and brain damaged rugrats to this planet should foot the bill. JERK. That woman should never have had the first six in to begin with….can you believe I even had to say THAT???

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