its T-30 minutes, peeps!

those of you who are friends of Peg of Tilling, get to your TVs, turn to whatever channel shows Jeopardy – CBS in many markets – and get ready to watch Peg pulverize the competition!

Jeopardy tonight – 7:30pm EST.  

be there or be square.

GO Peg, GO!

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25 thoughts on “its T-30 minutes, peeps!

  1. I watched I watched! It was awesome!!!! GO PEG GO PEG!!! :D(and a round of applause for Bambi, too!) :D!!!


  3. dammit I couldn't make it home in time to see if I could get it somehow on my lame tv – I'll see if I can catch it as a rerun or something…so you're saying she won today and will be back monday?

  4. Wait – it's over? PEG O' T WON???????????
    Time to celebrate! In the best way possible: cheese for everybody!

  5. yep. she won today and will be there on Monday. w00t!I checked, but I don't think you can watch the shows online. more's the pity.suffice to say Peg was magnificent. didn't take the lead until the very last moment. like IG says, nerves of steel. ice-cold blood.

  6. oh poo, she's not in my hood but would have loved to see it. It comes on at 7 pm here so I'd not have known anyway, though I was just home from Trader Joe's.
    But yay for her and mucho congrats! Maybe I'll remember on Monday.

  7. I didn't realize until I had typed that that I was being a spoiler! Sorry, mariser! :(I forgot what time it was…I saw the show at 7 for some reason. :PBut, YAY for Peg anyhooo, she did GREAT!!

  8. oh, you should have Peg in your 'hood. she's a good peep.did you take the BFFN to Trader Joe's? <—- I'm jealous. no TJ's 'round here.lauri, no problem. I didn't get the Bambi reference until after I had guessed.

  9. yes, of course, it was a very short trip, I wasn't in the mood really but I picked up a few things (sweets! cheese! stuff!) and got my sister an orchid.

    did you take the BFFN to Trader Joe's?

  10. I just watched it. Even though I knew the results, I still have sweat stains.
    (goes to refrigerator to find some cheese)

    I had a hot dog and a martini. It was not the best combination but it was a good night. I had a room full of people to watch it with–I'm as exhausted now as I was after the game!
    Thanks everybody for cheering me on!

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