“Daphne and her Kittens”

is not a band.

it is a live webcam of Daphne and the rambunctious Shanghai, Seven, and Tweet

check them out

here's a clip


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10 thoughts on ““Daphne and her Kittens”

  1. awwww. they are nursing right now. the white one (Tweet) is 'making biscuits' on momma's belly to get the milk flowing.awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  2. I am kilt ded. Ded, I tell you. Good thing today's a holiday, but what am I supposed to do tomorrow when I'm sposed to be back at work???

  3. She is licking the sleeping babies and chirp-purring. How am I supposed to leave now? I have stuff to do today!!

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