gag me with a spoon


*someone* just heated their lunch

*someone* just heated their lunch in the microwave

*someone* just heated their lunch in the microwave which is in the breakroom

*someone* just heated their lunch in the microwave which is in the breakroom we who work here share.


said lunch?


Fish. Heated, In. A. Microwave.




I wonder if I'll ever get over that smell.  I need a bottle of vanilla or something pleasant to smell.  or bleach


I call…



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33 thoughts on “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  1. Yeah, that'll be around for a while. Etiquette actually dictates that the one food you do not bring to an office environment and reheat is fish. Too bad so many people are etiquette-less today, or just don't get it (or care).

  2. This is very useful information. *slinks away guiltily with her leftover fish plate*

  3. God I freaking hate that. the woman who used to do that here doesn't work here anymore. i also got sick of watching her spit her shrimp tails out onto the plate as she ate. geeee-rosss!!!

  4. sorry folks. I don't eat fish but don't personally dislike it per se. I go to seafood restaurants, have peeled and cooked tons of shrimp for the fam, but there is some noxious black magic at play when fish and microwave come together.
    funnily enough, shrimp and other shellfish heated in a microwave are not as deadly on the smell factor as fishes are.
    IG, just tell me you eat your leftover fish plate cold. please.

  5. There are several people in my office that are from Asian countries where fish is a staple – and they microwave fish in the kitchen every day!!! That would be the main reason I don't venture into the kitchen after 11am and I eat at my desk.
    There's also a popcorn burner that strikes around 3pm.

  6. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, sometimes we has the microwaved catfish in the lounge. It goes into the ventillation system and circulates all through the 4th floor. FISH + PUBLIC COMPUTER LAB! FUCK YEAH!!!But my favorite was when our Chinese webmaster used to come in and heat up fish for breakfast. Good times. I miss him.

  7. Oh yeah, she's eat the shrimp and instead of discreetly spitting out the tails in a napkin or something she'd very carefully and deliberately bend over her plate and spit them out one by one.

  8. Get some lemon juice and put it in a bowl with a little bit water. Then boil that in the microwave repeatedly… it won't make the smell go away completely, but it will help. (I lives in small place. I heats fish in microwave occasionally.)

  9. Does it help if I say I haven't done it any time recently? I had a coworker yell at me about it once… I'm just a poor FOB! Waugh!

  10. So long as it's food? I'm all for it. Your post made me hungry. One of the more atrocious smells is pressure-cooking a hoghead in preparation for plucking off the meatses for making head cheese. That stinks. If you'd smell anywhere in the vicinity of the farm on head-cheese-making day, the fish wouldn't be so bad!

  11. It's probably delicious, right? I'm not opposed; it was just unexpected. Actually I love me a good piece of well-prepared ox tongue.

  12. I have no words only sounds that wouldn't have justice done to them by trying to spell them out.
    As to the mashed potatoes, the idea of mixing in the skin was something I picked up over a luncheon buffet at a local steak restaurant.
    They ain't talkin' about the potato skins, kids.

  13. similar incident, years ago. red fish. microwave directly below an A/C vent. took days to clear out the smell.try putting some coffee grounds around – they're good at absorbing/conquering odors.

  14. UG. I hate microwave food smell-fish, speghettios, burnt popcorn. I can't eat microwave dinners b/c of the years of nasty stank in workroom microwave ovens. I feel for ya!

  15. (hides behind desk, feeling guilty)I once put in our office microwave some Vietnamese stir fried noodles left over from a takeout lunch, not knowing that it had been cooked in fish oil. I was banned from using the microwave for the remainder of the school year.

  16. Eeep. I've grown up on the coast all my life, and despite being a vegetarian the smell of feesh has grown on me… but NO WAY do I want that smell inside a claustrophobic office!

  17. I never really liked headcheese but I like game meats and never understand when people say something "tastes gamey" or "like chicken." To me, rabbit tastes like rabbit and venison tastes like venison… I like liver, brains and stuff that most people don't but headcheese tastes too strong for me. It could easily be the fact that I had to SMELL it before and it's honestly just a disgusting odor when pressure-cooking. Nobody could say it smells good! I grew up eating beef tongue and heart, of course. Beef tongue is much milder (than headcheese) and after pressure-cooking, is tender (anything is after pressuring!). It bothered me in my head a bit because I grew up watching that very tongue pick the cow's own nose its whole life. I didn't like that idea. We always ate it with potatoes pressured in with it. "Melt in your mouth" Pa Kettle always said and they did. I don't think there's much somebody could eat on a common farm that I've not eaten. We didn't waste; we're too poor to waste things!

  18. I thought perhaps you were referring to Rocky Mountain Oysters (hey, "fruit" hanging…) but were you talking about the melon that popped up in a google search? They're BEAUTIFUL; although sour cucumber flavor doesn't appeal. I pitch bitter cukes to the hens :) Guess I can be wasteful in my own way but when cukes are in, we can't give them away fast enough!

  19. Neither – apologies; it was kind of an inside joke for IG, and literally about weird-looking fruit. (Like this.)

  20. gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I'm mildly nauseous just reading this.NO FISH IN OFFICE MICROWAVES, EVAR!Lemon or coffee grounds, yes. The Mr. suggests bacon.I would say, nuke the coffee grounds, either before or after the lemon. Maybe char some popcorn too.gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.

  21. I grew up eating beef tongue and heart,I did too–not every day, but we ate all kinds of organ meats. Back in the days, it was good cheap cuts of meat. My dad used to make chicken gizzard stew. So I have an adventuresome diet which–does not, cannot ever, include headcheese. I.just.can' Even though my grammy made it.

  22. Ha! There's only one heart and tongue to a cow, so we only had that as we slaughered, lots more steak, ground, roasts, etc. The ox-tail lasted for a few rounds of "ox-tail and potatoes," though!Had you tried headcheese or was the sight-smell too off-putting? I think the smell probably affected the taste for me. I hated eating chicken the same day as I plucked them. There's another unhappy odor. :(I despise the scent of cooking cabbage but I'll gobble it up, raw or cooked. Yummy and stinky!

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