go Big Red go!

and I didn't even do brackets or nothing…

still, congrats to the old alma mater pulling the upset win over Illinois on the 1st round of the 2009 NCAA men's college basketball tournament


Western Kentucky upsets fifth-seeded Illinois

Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. — Western Kentucky is at it again.

The 12th-seeded Hilltoppers, who made an unexpected run in the NCAA Tournament last year, pulled off a first-round upset of fifth-seeded Illinois, 76-72 on Thursday night in the South Regional.

Former Kentucky Mr. Basketball Steffphon Pettigrew had 17 points to lead Western Kentucky (25-8), which led by as many as 17 points but had to hold off a late charge by the Illini (24-10). It was the 19th time in the last 21 years that a 12 seed has beaten a No. 5.

Trent Meacham had a season-high 24 points for the Illini, who were without defensive specialist Chester Frazier. The senior guard had surgery on his right hand last week.

Western Kentucky will face fourth-seeded Gonzaga (27-5) in the second round.


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5 thoughts on “go Big Red go!

  1. w00t!!!!! How fun! "Hilltoppers" is an awesome nickname. Love it.
    I didn't do a bracket this year, either. Maybe that means my Spartans will have a good run, too!

  2. Yep, tonight at 6:50 p.m. AZ time – close 10 p.m. for Eastern Time Zoners. I can't even watch the game because I volunteered to help out at a big event at the Heard Museum. Crap.
    But odds are in my favor State will prevail over Robert Morris and they will play again. Sounds like the Spartans are taking on one guy. Ha. He must be really talented to have made it this far!

  3. Our men didn't make it to the NCAA but our Ladies won the SEC and are 8th seed in the NCAA. I saw the Hilltoppers win last night. I will also watch Amy's Spartans. UT is on in a few minutes. Robert Morris – isn't he a Theatrical Agent or a Tobacconist,lol. Go Sparts!!!!

  4. your Vandy boys didn't make and UK didn't make it (boys or girls). what's the matter with the SEC?
    isnt' Robert Morris an artist ?

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