Easter wishes

as it befits our diverse little VOX community, I have a variety of Easter greetings and wishes.

for fellow-Catholic-school-walking-woundeds

for candy hounds

for the rest of all y'alll

have a joyous Easter!   or a joyous weekend, it's all good. 

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6 thoughts on “Easter wishes

  1. I remember the first time I saw a painting of Christ crucified: I was 6 years old and knew nothing about Christianity except that its symbols were in places like funeral homes and churches. But the image of this scrawny man with nails pounded through his hands and feet traumatized me: for years after that, I refused to enter a Christian church or even watch movies like Ben Hur and The Robe. I couldn't figure out what induced people to worship an object of horrific torture and execution.I understand it better now, but I am more apt to agree with Nietzche that one reason why Christianity is a "decadent religion" is because it worships a dying man nailed to a cross.

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