pirrrrrratey awesomeness

pirates = awesome

tina fey = awesome

sesame street = awesome

literacy = awesome


pirates + tina fey + sesame street + literacy   =   head-exploding awesome :poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit:




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6 thoughts on “pirrrrrratey awesomeness

  1. hahah! Pirates of the "Care-to-be-readin' "!!

    honestly though I don't really *get* the whole pirate obsession people seem to have these days…there, I said it.

  2. Arr matey! I be enjoyin' this video too much on me Friday afternoon. Thanks be to ye for postin' this.

  3. Maybe I'll be able to make you obsessed when you see the pics of my girls dressed up as pirates (coming to a blog post near you next week). The photos are soo cute! :-)

  4. WoW! Sesame Street is a lot more fancy than I remember as a kid, and when my kid was of Sesame Street age. Love the Jack Sparrow muppet.

  5. cranks, I'm not sure. seems to me that little kids have always loved the Pirate Way – no responsibilities, living the wild life. or we can blame it on Johnny Depp
    ross, I am so holding you up to those pics of Violet and Rosie. can't wait.
    gunderson, glad you liked it. and who doesn't love Jack Sparrow in any incarnation?

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