aguas de marco

jacking around teh internets, watching videos in YT, one thing leads to another and ended up across this beauty

she's lovely, the song is lovely, and the best is at the end when she can no longer contain her laughter.  magical.

this one is going into my portable happiness kit.

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9 thoughts on “aguas de marco

  1. glad you like it, HB. it is really lovely.can't take credit for "portable happiness kit" – the idea came from elsewhere in VOX, I think they called it "anti-depression kit". still, is a nice idea to have a collection of pictures, songs, videos, posts, that can help us regain that happy fuzzy feeling on demand.

  2. I've got the DVD this was taken from – her reading of Aguas de Março is (maybe) the best I've ever heard. It's a hard song to sing well, due to the repetition, the *long* lyrics, etc.

  3. This is great. I'd never heard in in Portuguese before. I always liked the Al Jarreau-Oleta Adams duet from "A Twist of Jobim", even if just for Al Jarreau's take on "It's the mud, it's the mud." And I concur on the excellence of "Portable happiness kit."

  4. I'm back because this song has been popping in and out of my head still for weeks. I still love it. It must be embedded somewhere in the unconscious for me to know it so well after only having heard it once (to my adult recollection).

  5. [hands val a caipirinha]
    pull up a chair, put your feet up. would you like a lap cat? stay as long as you'd like, I'll put Aguas de Marco on "repeat"

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