why miss california is not miss USA

way to go girl.

Perez is not really my cup of tea when it comes to gossip blogging – too mean.  I much prefer the infinitely superior Michael K of DListed.   but kudos to Perez for asking the question.

Miss California (Carrie Prejean) has been making the talk show rounds.  at least we can rest knowing she rather be "biblically correct than politically correct"

[this is not a clip from her Today Show appearance, but rather of Entertainment Tonight reporting on it.  shame, because we dont' get to see Matt Lauer, the Today Show being a complete tool.  the clip is available at hulu.com, but is not available outside the US]

edit 04/21/2009@1937 added clip of Carrie Prejean in the Today Show

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41 thoughts on “why miss california is not miss USA

  1. Oh we live in a country where we can choose between same sex marriage or "the opposite" (as she said so eloquently)? We do? really? wasn't that part of the question— that Vermont became only the 4th state to have the choice?
    why do they bother asking these cows questions? isn't their job to be pretty and look good in a swimsuit?

  2. Oh, and she thinks that it is great that we can choose too… LOL
    Does she really have a clue? You could tell from her expression that she knew she'd been torpedoed…

  3. lol I know. She didn't even answer the frickin question. She thinks a marriage is between a man and a woman, that's fine, that's her opinion but she didn't answer the question. If she thinks it's so great we can choose, then she should think that all states should legalize it and she can still have the right not to marry a woman.

  4. Let's hear it for the opposites! The bizarre part was that she blathered for most of the question and then in the final few seconds actually said what she thought!

  5. I like the look on the other lady's face at the end (the one putting the card down, maybe the co-hostess). She was like all 'oooo, that's gonna hit the fan tomorrow!'

  6. I'm of mixed emotions about this answer. Of course I think it's a silly, evasive, and ridiculous response to a valid question. On the other hand, it does support that she's in the right profession. I mean, if that's the best she can come up with on the spot, do you really want her doing something that is actually vital to someone else in society?

  7. That sounds like old time Germany where uncle Adolf planned wedding "showers" for Jews. Oh, no offense…

  8. Oh we live in a country where we can choose between same sex marriage or "the opposite"Curious that she referred to traditional marriage as "the opposite." If she adheres to traditional pov's wouldn't same-sex marriage be the opposite?Maybe it's just semantics…

  9. Sigh.It pains me to even watch these plastic face competitions. If they want people who have some brains and can really answer a question why have a beauty pageant? If you want beauty why ask questions where you want some rational answer? I think they are just trying for more youtube clips like Miss SC. That's entertainment.

  10. Ugh, I can't stand Perez Hilton or anything to do with him – he makes my skin crawl and my brain freeze.As much as I disagree with her, she really was just stating her opinion. Hey, if that's how she feels, fine, as long as she's not one of those nut jobs out trying to shove her own opinion down everyone's throats. Of course, she shot herself in the foot in terms of winning with a reply like that, and she didn't technically answer the questions, but I don't exactly expect much to come from this type of show/competition anyway.

  11. Just heard PH on tv talking about this. He says politics and religion have no place in beauty pageants. Ummmmm…

  12. yanno, arbed, I was kind of thinking the same thing, "it's her opinion, I don't agree with it, but hey, at least she has an opinion" which is a bit different than the overwhelming vapidness of pageants. but then I saw a few clips of her on the talk shows pretty much saying " I knew it'd cost me the title but I had to stand by my beliefs" or something similar. I don't know whether her statement cost her the title – that's up to the Miss USA pageant to investigate – but I don't like the idea of her becoming a martyr of the anti-gay marriage crowd.

  13. Agreed. But she's almost bringing it on herself by doing all of these appearances and interviews now, don't you think? Obviously her desire for fame and publicity are now outweighing her "sticking to her beliefs", which is the point she thinks she's trying and hoping to make.

  14. I agree that she is entitled to her opinion and it's fine that we don't share the same opinion on this particular topic. What annoys me is that…this is news? WHY is this chick all over my TV?Also, can anyone lose a contest of any kind and just let that be the end of things? I don't know if her answer caused her to lose the pageant, but I'm sure it's easier for Miss Cali to think that than to entertain the idea that she came up short in some area.Ugh. Get off my TV.

  15. if that's how she feels, fine, as long as she's not one of those nut
    jobs out trying to shove her own opinion down everyone's throats.I completely agree

  16. what a load of crappola, she answered a hard question with better grace then any of you might have mustered,and the crowd started to applaud before somebody told them to knock it off.that flaming straight basher perez hilton then turned around and cost her the crown and called her a c%$t.this contest is about american womanhood not who can munch the best carpet..

  17. Ken sez, .this contest is about american womanhoodand what would that be? and why is carpet munching not a part of it?I fail to see whether Ms. California's better grace in answering the question has anything to do with anything. I have no idea what you mean.

  18. and that's the problem mariser,you don't have a clue as to why a over the top gay guy like hilton was judgeing a female beauty contest,why most american's think marriage should be between a man and a woman,or gay america's intolarence to the miss usa contest,this is not the place to ask a question like this anymore then i would go to a football game and start asking the player's how they feel about the opera.no class ,no maner's,no common sense.like i said before they were told to quite down before that the crowd was cheering.maybe california is tired of being the butt of america's jokes for being such a wacko state

  19. ok. why a over the top gay guy like hilton was judgeing a female beauty contestthat one's easy,ken. without gay men (over the top or not) there wouldn't be beauty contests. who do you think teaches the contestant how to walk, design their dresses, puts on their make-up, does their hair… and watches the pageants. duh.why most american's think marriage should be between a man and a womanthat a majority thinks so does not make it either ethical nor fairI'd answer the rest of your points if I knew what they were. I've read the last six lines of your comment over a few times and still can't make any sense of them.

  20. troll me, if anything 'arbed' started out as a troll on my blog by voicing his overly opinionated ideas, that is what your trying to say by 'troll' isn't it,if not i'm not sure what you mean by the word.as far as the c^&t word he used on his blog the day after the contest and it's been all over the internet since then.and arbed just you get the right idea of what i think about your comment's here and on my page,you and most of your co-hort's seem to like 'star trek' ,on the first show of 'the next generation' the captain is put on trial for the crimes of humanity by the entity known as 'Q' and as his jury they're are a bunch of short fur clad bumbling mumbling little butt munches,you remind me of that jury, your comment's are misinformed and lacking any true sense.mariser,of course you can't understand the rest of my comment's you don't even start to understand the ones you tried to respond to.gay men as helper's in a europeon fashion show are a dead breed. the beauty pageant's have very little gay men in the background and they want less.. family's,town's state's and country's are very much about majority rule what's in the best interest for the community,gay tolerence is in the best interest of the community, gay marriage is not.

  21. Oh darling ken, how wrong you (still) are. I can't even understand the majority of your comments on my friends' blogs, let alone your blog the one time I dared myself to check it out. Why on earth would I comment there, let alone "troll"? Also, I'm a chick, you mindless twit. And since when is it bad to be overly opinionated, unless, of course, it means the person's ideas don't actually make sense? Now who do we know like that? Anyone? Anyone? Take a long hard look in the mirror, darling ken.Where the hell does a Star Trek reference come from? Although, as a side note, if someone were indeed munching butts, I'm pretty damned sure they would be mumbling. It's hard to talk with a mouthful of ass. Right, ken? And please point out any comments I've ever made that are misinformed and lacking sense, true (?) or not.And since we already know you live under a rock, we'll all just smile and nod as though your comments about gays in fashion (or not in fashion, according to you – is this personal knowledge?) make any "true sense". Good thing "ken tolerance" isn't in the best interest of the community.

  22. well'darling' i was answering gunderson bee when asking about her definition of troll but if the clog fit's wear it.if you are female in nature i will say i'm sorry and from here on out consider you a fur clad woman.just the fact that you don't know that peraz called miss california a c&^t point's to how much time you spend under a bridge and leads me to think thatthe rest of your opinions are just as uniformed

  23. ken sez, the beauty pageant's have very little gay men in the background and they want less..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[wipes tears]well, thanks for the laugh, ken. it's fun until you start insulting people.block FTW

  24. Oh goody, I can reply and he's blocked! He always ends up wearing out his welcome. I'm glad you laughed as much as I did about the gay/fashion/pageant comments he made.
    Ken (the darling is very sarcastic, obvy), I can reply to whatever I want. It's called a public post for a reason. You mentioned me and insulted me by lying about me trolling your blog, so I was certainly going to respond.
    My last point: The fact that I didn't know (or cared to know) that he called her a cunt (look, I can spell without symbols) as well as a bitch doesn't make me uninformed. It makes me someone who doesn't watch or read celebrity crap, which apparently you spend quite some time doing.

  25. heh. it was fun while it lasted.
    in a way, I feel honored. I'd never been trolled in VOX before. at least I hadn't noticed. but ken, as you know, stands out.

  26. Sorry arbed. I was referring to him as the troll, not you. I know that you understood what I was saying, but I don't think he did. Wow. That whole thread was just nuts.

  27. No worries, he doesn't understand much at all. And yes, I definitely understood your comment. He's fun, isn't he?

  28. Fun as in "hey, I'd like to fill his belly with candy and toys, hang him from the rafters, and beat him like a pinata". That kind of fun.

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