such a hard life…

the life of a housecat.  allow me to show you –

such a hard life…

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  1. thanks for pointing that out hb. I'm a thoughtless cat servant.did I mention that this takes place at the feline majesties pavillion ?

  2. A whole pavillion! That's a lot of floor space to cover. (Dang, I think the sun just went down, so I'll have to look again in the morning.)

  3. yep, it's all enclosed but with wire, so air, sunlight, snow, and the occasional bug get through. the roof is some newfangled plexiglass-type material. we chose clear to maximize's really not too big. you are pretty much looking at all of it; the came is pointing down and kind of diagonally. it is built alongside the back of a previous addition (laundry room/short-wave radio/pinball machine/tool storage) combination room.

  4. Homebody, the pavilion is approximately 8 feet by 12 feet. The roof is a a shed type roof with polycarbonate panels. Inside at the eve it is about 7.5 feet to the rafters, where it joins the house it is 9.5 feet. And yes the cats have a ceiling fan.

  5. and given that description, HB, know you know who actually built the thing. teh SO – I don't think you've met.I was just available for design consultations.

  6. Well, the mariser/Lord Kalvan kitties are lucky to obviously have both good design and solid craftsmanship. and a pavillion that is as big as the main room in my studio condo. and a ceiling fan! My kitties are envious. Heck, I'm envious re: the ceiling fan.
    Pleased to meet you, Lord Kalvan.

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