not only has AllState hijacked the shadow-of-its-former-self qotd, but are also running creepy ads next to it.


I ain't clicking on the link, but the wording is rather Big Brotherish.   and for the record, AllState the company is teh suck.

edit:  apparently we are all seeing different ads on the VOX homepage.  to clarify, this is what I see:

edit May 7 2009 @18:07:  added screenshot of VOX homepage as it appears to me

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6 thoughts on “wtf?

  1. At least it's not ads for Olestra with the new anal leakage formula… Of course, now that I commented about Olestra, they'll probably advertise Olestra and who knows what anal leakage will pop up for ads. Maybe Depends?
    Kinda sorta, maybe Depends…
    So, by that theory, if I use a word like Olestra more than once, say I use Olestra many many times (olestra) they would be likely to put ads up that (anal leakage) have something in common with Olestra and anal leakage.

  2. ads? I know not of these ads you speak of on VOX. I have big white spaces over there on that side.oh, right… I use Firefox with Ad-Blocker Plus. haven't seen an ad in years. it's so calm and non-blinky.

  3. I've found that extension to be buggy (on my laptop, anyway), but I do run the Flashblock extension.

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