happy birthday to the de-lightful


and overall swell-around-town

                                                                      Mr. Cole Porter

born on this date, June 9, 1891, in the eccentrically named town of Peru, Indiana.  a good start for a consummate wordsmith and master of wordplay.

let's hear for the birthday boy, shall we?  Ms. Ella will do the honors

16 - From This Moment On
Ella Fitzgerald


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8 thoughts on “happy birthday to the de-lightful

  1. I've been a huge fan of Cole Porter since high school. I already had some of his music and didn't know it when our choral director decided he wanted to do a whole Cole Porter concert. Ahhhhhhh, so much fun!! Porter is the best! I've since expanded my collection of his music and will continue to do so. No one sings Porter like Ella.

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