one day is nowhere close to enough to celebrate Cole Porter

so here are more Cole Porter tunes. I am pairing each of Ms. Ella's interpretations with the performers in the wonderful Cole Porter tribute album Red Hot + Blue, released in 1990 (and rereleased in 2006) by the red hot foundation as an AIDS benefit and to increase the awareness of and education on AIDS. 
the red hot foundation is a worldwide organization fighting the spread of AIDS. I encourage everyone to check them out and the other releases in the Red Hot series – I think they are up to 15 now.
the tribute to Cole Porter,  Red Hot + Blue is available at Amazon.

Ms. Ella's interpretation of So in Love is impeccable, but k.d. lang's take is heartbreaking

13-So In Love
Ella Fitzgerald

I love Kirsty Maccoll. when together with The Pogues, even more so


David Byrne's twangy take in this song may be nearer Porter's intent.  maybe

16-Don't Fence Me In
Ella Fitzgerald

I think Annie Lennox is the contemporary singer closest to Ella Fitzgerald

Tom Waits goes off in his own distant tangent.  wouldn't expect any less

05-It's All Right With Me
Ella Fitzgerald

a fun naughty bit. both Ms. Ella and the boys from Erasure go to town

04-Too Darn Hot
Ella Fitzgerald

Neneh Cherry's take delivers more of the creep and paranoia implied in the lyrics

edit:  as per mmb's request, here's one more pairing.

07-Do I Love You_
Ella Fitzgerald

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8 thoughts on “one day is nowhere close to enough to celebrate Cole Porter

  1. Red Hot & Blue is one of my favorite cds of all time! I remember when it came out and how there was a tv special with all the videos for the songs on it.
    The Annie Lennox song is just haunting, and the Aztec Camera song is a close 2nd.

  2. yep. I bought RH+B about the time of its original release. it is truly an inspired project. I don't think I even caught the MTV special, but I remember watching the k.d.lang video, who brought me to has the 2006 release, which besides having the songs in the original remastered, also has a DVD of all the videos from the MTV special: I'm very tempted to get it, but the reviews of the DVD are horrible – it seems to be a transfer from the VHS tape without remastering or anything…

  3. Awww, mariser – I'm a Cole Porter fan from way back. And I'm admittedly shy about posting music here – for whatever reason, it seems not to get much attention. And i feel funny about what I often perceive as pushing my enthusiasms on other people. (I mean, hey – if I start ranting about Armenian folk woodwinds, I'm not sure that's going to appeal, y'know?)

  4. I heart Cole Porter. Sure, my heart belongs to George Gershwin, but I can't get enough of Cole Porter. Thanks keeping the tributes going!

  5. And I sing Night & Day to Elvis all the time. With my own made up words in tribute to my kitty, of course!

  6. ames, I haven't heard it yet, but maybe Red Hot + Rhapsody is the album for you. I don't know all the performers, but it may be worth it for Sinead O'Connor singing Someone to Watch Over Me and David Bowie singing A Foggy Day (in London Town)

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