about as much fun as watching paint dry

– WATCH!  the cats not being there
– WATCH! the cats slepp when they are there
– LISTEN! to all sorts of birds chirping, warbling and thrilling.  weird, because all I ever see is brown finches
– LISTEN! to the neighborhood dogs bark incessantly
– THRILL! at the sound of an occasional train
– WONDER! where the damn cats are

all this can be yours here:

LIVE – The Cat Pavilion

yellow cat = stevie
tuxedo cat = pepper
                                          tabbico cat = hank <—- a girl cat despite the name
 outside cats = neighbors
annoying outside dogs = neighbors
birds = birds

enjoy.  or get bored to death.  even chance.

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32 thoughts on “about as much fun as watching paint dry

  1. yesterday when I was watching there were 2 kittehs and I heard a siren and maybe even chipmunk chirping. Do you have chipmunks too?

  2. yep, have chipmunks. also squirrels, though no white ones.sirens are heard a lot since we live within a mile of three large hospitals.

  3. some trains take foooreeeeveeer. CSX coal trains from the eastern part of Kentucky.stevie is offended you confused him with a dog, even momentarily. he forgives you. this time.

  4. Stevie loves that spot.Have I mentioned how much the Miao Bros want a Cat Pavilion? Prince Tantra told me that he absolutely must get one for his Birthday in August, or else he won't talk to me again.

  5. I can't help wondering who the other 3 people are who are listening to your birds chirp. At least I think it's bird. It could be a very small puppy. PS, Indy says she needs a Bunvilion.OMG I just saw a cat hop off the bench!

  6. well, one is me, since I have it open in another window. then there's you, and…littlemiao probably.I reckon you should start working on that Bunvilion!

  7. the 24/7 cuteness broadcasting is more doable than the Bunvilion. I have alerted His Lordship and he'll stop by later with all the gory details. (he is right now baking chocolate chip cookies with one of teh nieces)

  8. well the Ustream flash interface seems to do it all. That is assuming your camera is already working. You might need to open ports on your router. I had tried hosting myself without much luck. Some could see and others couldn't. Ustream.com definitely was easier. But you have to be able to run Flash and I have the latest updates.My setup is a bit more convoluted. I have a video capture card and a composite video security cam for the video. For the audio, I am using the microphone on an USB camera. The video from the USB camera is used for screen shots on http://www.saracom.com. One should be able to pick up a decent USB webcam, install the drivers and go with it.

  9. I see someone working in the garden. Looks like he or she is wearing overalls and possibly crocs. Just kidding about the crocs bit Cranky.

  10. that'd be the next-door-neighbor. I just had to yell at them because they left the gate between our yards open (as usual) and their dog was running all over our yard. and barking, and pooping. and upsetting my cats (who are inside)/maybe he's wearing Crocs. don't see why not.btw, is good to see you, roisin. it's been a while.

  11. Ohh This is neat I guess it would help if I peeked in during the day LOL it is night and there are no birds and no trains and no sirens and sadly no Cats where are the kitties?

  12. oops I was wrong now there is a big Orange Stevie Kitty Snoozing and I think I saw a tuxie run by in a blur of fur

  13. Heeee! There's a kitty under the chair with it's ears going back and forth. And there's a train! A long one! :D

  14. Umm…I just turned off a classical music station to watch/listen to this.
    LM – I think I just saw that same cat!

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