politicians do not break for the summer – updated

update:  scroll down to see Keith Olbermann read the "Luv Guv" emails.  many thanks to Peg o'Tilling for the link  – http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/vp/31533984#31533984

interesting how a solo hike in the Appalachian Trail ends up in an Argentinian woman's bed.  must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque

in other news, South Carolina meet your new ki…, erm.

I mean, fuck.  might as well, no?

don’t cry for him Argentina

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13 thoughts on “politicians do not break for the summer – updated

  1. What a dick. The extramarital affair notwithstanding, what governor just pisses off for 5 days without telling anyone? hello! SC could have seceded again while he was away.

  2. I think she's handled it well. She didn't break the news, but isn't covering for him either, or doing the stand of shame.He should be forced to step down for just leaving the country for 5 days and not telling anyone. Pretty much any other job, you do that and you get fired.The fact that he's one of the big sanctity of marriage guys is the extra fun.Can't wait to see Stewart and Colbert tonight.PS it's twilight there and nobody's in TCP. sigh. wanted to see stevie, I miss having a yaller kitteh.

  3. he's resigned from the Republican Governors Association, but why stop there?I agree that leaving his post like he did is alone a cause for dismissal.last night, before the infidelity bit broke, Keith Olbermann was having a boatload of fun with the story in Countdown. I'm sure he's not done.stevie is being a very bad yeller kitty. just peed over the bed and a library book I'm reading – for no particular reason

  4. I just saw this. I wish I'd read your post first. I would have like for you to have scooped everyone else.

  5. Jon S: "Just another politician with a conservative mind and a liberal penis."bad stevie! I suppose his reason is that he is a kitteh?

  6. When is the hypocrisy going to end??? I want 1 more good GOP scandal and then I want them all to move to Alaska and secede from the union.

  7. On last night's Countdown Olbermann read the gov's email, accompanied by "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" on pan flute. I giggled at my desk listening to the podcast.From the most recent news Sanford should send the Jackson family a wreath and a card for Michael knocking him off the front page.

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