summer has suprong

I got out of town for a few da… weeks, and upon returning, my CSA share demonstrates that summer has indeed sprung (suprong?)

that is a *whole lot* of vegetables.  note that we have the smallest possible share size.

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coda: RIP Skittle

elsewhere I posted a video of Skittle the otter in the Alaska SeaLife Center. he was doing well and all set up for his move to the Bronx aquarium later this summer

sadly, Skittle drowned yesterday in a freak accident: he apparently removed a block over a drain, got stuck and drowned. 

here's a few pics from our visit to the Center last week

hope there are plenty of fish on the other side, little dude.


in other news – if you want a postcard from Alaska, it is not too late:  please PM or email me your address.

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you otter get a postcard

the weather is rainy the next couple of days, the ideal time to stay in and write postcards.  so here be the official call:

if you'd like a postcard from Alaska, please send me a PM or email (mariserATgmailDOTcom) saying so. please to include your postal address.    thanks.  you should get the postcard in a week or two.  be fun to see if it gets to Canajans sooner.

'til then, I leave you with the gymnastic stylings of Skittle the otter, current resident of the Alaska SeaLife Center


youtube link here
more about Skittle here

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fourth of july beach – seward, alaska

went to Fourth of July  (aka Independence (aka FOJ)) beach.  'twas lovely.  deserted.  the dogs got to run and run and run

2009 pictures 0912009 pictures 0922009 pictures 0932009 pictures 085

2009 pictures 1012009 pictures 100

the water was shimmering

2009 pictures 1062009 pictures 1072009 pictures 1082009 pictures 109

mountains, mountains, everywhere

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rocks and pebbles everywhere

2009 pictures 0762009 pictures 0752009 pictures 0742009 pictures 073

bye for now


entire set here

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