Yuk…Alaska HO!

on my way to the fiftieth state.  will check in later, with pictures.

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16 thoughts on “Yuk…Alaska HO!

  1. I agree with Laurie, you should totally try to get in as gov'ner. I mean, there are like what, 10 people in Alaska? And most of them are the cast of Northern Exposure, right?Safe travels!

  2. checking in from the Atlanta airport. thanks y'all for the well
    wishes, I'm pretty stoked. my only concern is that when we go whale
    watching the belugas will take me as one of their own.Gov. Mariser. very much like the ring of that. and is pretty obvious the job requires no skills whatsoeverhomebody, wave at around 4ish local time. I'll be sure to wave back

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