coda: RIP Skittle

elsewhere I posted a video of Skittle the otter in the Alaska SeaLife Center. he was doing well and all set up for his move to the Bronx aquarium later this summer

sadly, Skittle drowned yesterday in a freak accident: he apparently removed a block over a drain, got stuck and drowned. 

here's a few pics from our visit to the Center last week

hope there are plenty of fish on the other side, little dude.


in other news – if you want a postcard from Alaska, it is not too late:  please PM or email me your address.

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12 thoughts on “coda: RIP Skittle

  1. oh how sad! Otters are so sweet. What a horrible way to go.Do you still have MY address? I'd LOVE a postcard from you mariser! Oh I'll pm it to you quick just in case. I have all the postcards you guys have sent me magnetted up to my fridge — starting with the Boston Clam Chowder and the beautiful glass flower you sent me.

  2. Oh damn oh damn oh damn.I'm so feeling for Skittle's keepers. They must be just heartbroken. Oh that is so sad. :(

  3. Would there be a Rainbow Bridge for otters? If so, I hope for plenty of rainbow trout for Skittle. Ah, the endless curiosity of those guys. Heartbreaking.

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