summer has suprong

I got out of town for a few da… weeks, and upon returning, my CSA share demonstrates that summer has indeed sprung (suprong?)

that is a *whole lot* of vegetables.  note that we have the smallest possible share size.

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7 thoughts on “summer has suprong

  1. Went to a local grocery store (by local, I mean in town/ STL suburbs) and they had local summer squash (your yellow kind) for .99/ lb.They had ORGANIC (much smaller) for $1.99 each.I’m eating the HELL out of our organic summer squash. Dierberg’s should buy from us! -except it’s spotty what will come in; corn is in this week!

  2. d'Oh. I forgot to mention these are all organic. one of the many reasons that CSAs are so very much worth their cost. local AND organic.

  3. Yup. We could be a part of the localharvest thinger but I'm too lazy. I prefer to just haul in some stuff to the day job now and then and make far too little money off of it.It's always me, who's keeping me from making money. ::tsk::

  4. This is the way I feel when we get our box sometimes. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all the carrots we've received!

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