an Ugly love story

I can think of a few VOXers who'd like this story.
all together now:   AWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww

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14 thoughts on “an Ugly love story

  1. I don't have any Ugly dolls, but my fave, even before reading this story, is Wage. I'm a sucker for little aprons.

  2. I thought that was great, too! The love story is very cute, especially since they won't sell out.
    I remember seeing them in a store in Ocean City, they must have been pretty new, because it would have been 2000 or '01. I thought they were a little expensive at the time. I may have been thinking "dog toy" though. :-$ horrors!

  3. i love "minimum wage"! too funny
    i lovelovelove ugly dolls — and i don't think they're ugly! super-fun. i wish i had a whole family of them at home. thanks for sharing the story!

  4. It is a very cute love story! I remember seeing them in a little shop in Takoma Park, MD and having a similar reaction as yours in OC.
    They probably would make good dog toys if not for the expense. The dog of some friends I was visiting a couple of weeks ago tried to claim Sailor Babo during the 30 seconds I had him sitting outside of my suitcase. Fortunately the only damage was a little drool.

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