best. breakfast. ever

fresh (picked this morning), organic raspberries


I didn't get them all for myself, though.  had to share with this guy

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21 thoughts on “best. breakfast. ever

  1. Did you try explaining to him that he is a carnivore and as such you could possible allow him to sully his palate with fruit?

  2. I have tried, but no luck. his favorite snacks are berries (any kind), yogurt, and raw green beans. but he gets plenty of obligatory carnivore food. as you can tell by his picture. stevie is just weird.

  3. A kitteh that likes fruit. That's…different. Does Hank have any ususual dietary proclivities? (The raspberries look delish! I'm making a fruit pizza for a brunch this weekend…I'll have to look for some.)

  4. fruit pizzas are good. your friends are lucky.P. Hank does have a few quirks. looooves poptarts and beer cheese dip. also spicy chicken wings – it's funny because she'll sneeze and shake her head after taking a bit and proceed to take another bite.

  5. *Drools* I love raspberries! pffffffft!Sorry, couldn't resist. I also love the fruit.

  6. My BFF had an orange girl cat who loved cantaloupe so much that she would sit in front of the fridge for hours and stare and meow till it was served. She also loved angel food cake.

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