well, this is seventeen kinds of depressing

what a bloody depressing way to spend the evening.   gah.  there is an inherent creepiness of reading page after page after page of folks whose only commonality is that they (1) wrote stuff  and (2) killed themselves; the fact that it is an actual category in teh Wikipedia is even worse.


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8 thoughts on “well, this is seventeen kinds of depressing

  1. I had an obsession with Sylvia Plath when I was a teenager, so I kind of understand the fascination people might have with "Writers Who Committed Suicide." But as I once cautioned one of my students, just because an artist kills her/himself, doesn't make them a better artist: it just makes them dead.
    It's bizarre that Wikipedia would create a category like this, but I suppose someone out there would eventually search for the topic. Yeesh.

  2. When my teenaged son found out how Sylvia Plath died, he began making jokes about "shake and bake poetry."
    Kids. They have no respect for dead poets.

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