Caturday presents: Alaskan kittens

its' a kittenpalooza!  two moms + three kittens each = kittenmodium.

from left to right:  Little Steven aka Stevie Junior, Apocalypse (nephew), Gir, Uber

from letf to right:  Little Steven aka Stevie Junior (nephew), Uber (nephew), Marshall Mellow, Apocalypse

clockwise from topL  Orange Crush, Marshall Mellow, Apocalypse.  in lower corner, cousin Gir

Uber wearing a way-too-small-for-him sweater.

PS:  moms were fixed this week and the kittens will be after they make weight.  no more piles of squirming kittens.

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11 thoughts on “Caturday presents: Alaskan kittens

  1. "Marshall Mellow" is the best name I've heard in ages! I'd constantly be calling a kitty with that name, just so I could say it over and over. They're all totally precious.

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