still Caturday in Alaska

…or somewhere.   there is no arguing with these beasties

the marmies are such little hams.  the tuxies are more demure – have yet to see Gir's face.

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10 thoughts on “still Caturday in Alaska

  1. The one with the pink collar looks totally squished in the second and third pic. So much puffy sweetness.

  2. yes he does look squished. didn't even recognized him on the 2nd picture at first, thought he was a stuffed animal.kittens are all about the puffy piled-on sweetness!

  3. I want the pink-collared one. I've been fascinated the last couple days by his orangeness sans stripes. He's just plain orange.I would snorgle them all, natch.

  4. Does him live up to the name?There used to be a light orange girl kitteh around here who wore a pink collar (she belongs/ed to Moo's other people). She'd come by every sunset to drive Tortie up the wall, but in her old age, she stopped coming out to play.

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