this is like, so cool

and the coolest part?  it was found by a fellow with a metal detector, poking around a private farm.

Terry Herbert: The finder

Terry is a metal detectorist who initially discovered the Hoard. Terry was detecting on private farmland with the written consent of the landowner. After uncovering an initial number of items Terry informed the Portable Antiquities Scheme, as required by the Treasure Act 1996. Terry remained an integral part of the team working on recovering the Hoard – an excellent example of archaeologists and detectorists working together.

An interview with Terry, along with the photographs, is being syndicated by the Press Association today. Terry does not plan to give any further interviews.

this is like so awesome.  go check the official site and marvel.  like one of the experts said, this find is going to redefine the Middle Ages in England.

check out pictures of hundreds of the artifacts in teh official flickr site

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11 thoughts on “this is like, so cool

  1. amazing indeed. there is so much we don't know: we think we know and then stumble over something like this.

  2. I like that he gets half the take when the government sells it to a museum. Him and the farmer friend split it all.

  3. Is this not the most incredible, fantastic find ever??? I read all about it yesterday and devoured as many of the 656 Flickr pix as I could while working the circ desk. Good thing he listened to that voice dictating "gold" instead of "coins" in his search prayer!

  4. indeed. I wasn't familiar with the law about archeological treasure until I read it in the website. it is very rational: stuff gets to be dug properly , classifie, and valued by professionals, is then offered for sale to British museums and the proceeds split between the land owner and the farmer.can't think of a more equitable way.

  5. jaypo sez, Good thing he listened to that voice dictating "gold" instead of "coins" in his search prayer! I know!

  6. I definitely will come back and revisit the photos and such when I can do so. This is definitely one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.

  7. Isn't this nifty.All the Anglo-Saxonists I know are just in raptures.(I mean, I got sent these links EIGHT separate times.)

  8. One can't look at these glowing objects and think of the Middle Ages as 'dark' or ignorant ever again. All of that purity and art taken from the ground.

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