Lucifer must be lacing up his iceskates

surely hell has frozen over

not only did the Detroit Lions win over the hapless 'Skins (go Lions!) ending a 19-game and almost two-year-long losing streak

but the surprisingly-adept-and-long-time-pathetic Cincinnati Bengals beat  the surprisingly-weak-current-champions Pittsburgh Steelers

must be something in the water.

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4 thoughts on “Lucifer must be lacing up his iceskates

  1. HOORAY! GO LIONS!!! I knew I bought a new Lions shirt (it has sparklies!) for a reason! (And not because it has sparklies!) w000t!!!!
    Now I'm hoping for continued good luck for my adopted Cardinals.
    After all, yesterday was a uber-crappy day for football. MSU lost, Michigan won, and ASU lost. Ugh.

  2. * waves a silver and blue flag* YAY!And, yeah, I was a bit torqued at Favre's last second win, too!

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