Visualize Proust

not quite as simple as The All-England Summarize Proust Competition (below),  but an accurate visual overview of
A Remembrance of Things Past

take my word for it as not-a-scholar-of-his-works-by-any-means-but-a-devoted-reader-of-M.-Proust, that this chart makes sense.  I'm trying to imagine it in 3-D.

because is too good to pass the opportunity to watch again:

Monty Python’s sketch "The All-England Summarize Proust Competition"

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yeah, yeah, I know I have nothing to say

so I've been clogging tah tubes with tis'n'that which comes across.

and I'll preface this:  I don't care for American Idol, I hardly know anything about Adam Lambert and his musical style; most of what I know is from seeing him in magazine covers.   gorgeous man.  which makes me wonder:  what, exactly, is going on in his album cover?

I don't get it.   there may be a joke or a statement being made but is flying right over me head.  and that glove…

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Rachel Maddow is the best thing to happen to TV news and opinion since…since…

…since Jon Stewart, p'haps?
on Monday night, Ms. Maddow did my humble burg the honor of turning her sarcastic wit onto it.  the issue at hand was the decision to build a new student dorm for (mostly) male basketball players with a few 'normal' students sprinkled here and there*.  this new dorm is to be build in large part from a monetary gift from a coal baron named Craft. the problem:  Mr. Craft wants the dorm to be named The Wildcat Coal Lodge.  here's Ms. Maddow and her guest:

University of Kentucky looks back to the 19th century in naming its new student dorm

among the choicest quotes: 
because that's what you want to come to mind, when you think of Kentucky basketball: black lung

(while discussing the achievements of former coach Joe B. Hall, for whom the current dorm is named)
frankly, the one thing he hasn't done for Kentucky is strapped on a saddle and run the Kentucky Derby

Rachel, we love you.  don't ever change

* if you are curious, that student mix is mandated by law. just in case anyone may think that athlete-only dorms were dens of lawlessness. **
** which of course, they still are

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it has occurred to me

that this is a busy time of the year.  what with pro baseball winding down (go
Phillies!), pro football heating up, (here we go, Steelers, here we go!), Hallow'ee'n coming, then Turkey day and the onslaught of rich food to be consumed to be followed by a hungover January…  and then, just like that, it'd be just weeks before KttDX:Duets.

I fear that in this maelstrom of activity and consumption some contenders may not be able to dedicate the time and effort to find a properly unsuitable song.  so as a service to those committed to
KttDX:Duets   I here present, for your consideration, some songs that may, may, make the cut.

first, a swell jazz bit by Lyle Lovett and the fabulous Ms. Francine Reed:

second, two punk icons de-and-reconstruct an impeccable urbane flight of Cole Porter's:

since we all know that country music is the first choice for duets, here's a contemporary American take on a classic:


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after a lovely afternoon of football watching

on your face, Bret Favre!   yeah!

and watching a Bungles team that must have been alien-abducted and exchanged for actually good football players.

is now time to bad mojo the Yankees.  go Angels! (just because you are not the Yanks!)

update@2155 20091025:  damn yankees.  up 3-1 at the bottom of the 4th.  Angels better step it up.

update@1156 20091025: ah, fuck.  game was pretty even until the Angels had a disastrous 8th inning with 2 errors and allowing 2 runs to put the Yanks up by 3.  no way to come back from that

but no matter.  it'll make the massacreing of the Yankees by the Phillies all that more sweet.

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do you have the H1N1 flu? take this assessment to find out

NOTE: at the end it asks if it can save your answers. since they are being saved by something called "Microsoft Health Vault", I wouldn't. but that's just because I don't trust Microsoft

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