our long national nightmare is over

almost over:   show is set to end in mid-November.


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14 thoughts on “our long national nightmare is over

  1. true dat. but if you follow pop culture blogs, like I do, you've seen a lot more than you care to of the Gosselin family.

  2. Oh, but they will always be there in the national consciousness.
    I know…we had a baby shower at work yesterday. There was one of the manditory baby shower games – a quiz. The first question: Name as many of the Gosselin children as possible.
    Can you believe that I didn't get any points for my list? It had names like Jezabel, Penelope, Herbert…Siddhartha

  3. I have never seen this show, but it seems like the parents are everywhere these days. When did people become celebrities just for having kids? It's absurd.(The kids are cute, though…which is surprising since their father looks like a goon. I am so sick of that guy.)

  4. I can delete it and you can repost if you want.I'm glad I wasn't drinking when I read your list of Gosselin children's names: Jezabel, Penelope, Herbert…Siddhartha <heh>

  5. When I first saw the promos for this show I thought, "Why don't they issue breeding licenses to human beings so this sort of thing doesn't happen?" The kids are cute, but the behavior of the parents is not. And Jon oughta be neutered.

  6. Thank God!
    Everyone rags on Jon, but I think they're both useless excuses for parents. She's a shrew and a shrieking harpy, and he's…he's…well, anyway.
    I've never seen an entire episode, but I saw bits and pieces of the early seasons, and even back then I thought their relationship was doomed, because it seemed pretty obvious that she only snagged him because he's Asian. She didn't give a damn about him even then.

  7. *Relieved sigh*What a waste of energy both Jon and Kate are. I feel sorry for that litter of kids.

  8. I've never seen the show…it doesn't air in Thailand. However, I'll be happy when the parent's comings and goings cease to be news.

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