after a lovely afternoon of football watching

on your face, Bret Favre!   yeah!

and watching a Bungles team that must have been alien-abducted and exchanged for actually good football players.

is now time to bad mojo the Yankees.  go Angels! (just because you are not the Yanks!)

update@2155 20091025:  damn yankees.  up 3-1 at the bottom of the 4th.  Angels better step it up.

update@1156 20091025: ah, fuck.  game was pretty even until the Angels had a disastrous 8th inning with 2 errors and allowing 2 runs to put the Yanks up by 3.  no way to come back from that

but no matter.  it'll make the massacreing of the Yankees by the Phillies all that more sweet.

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7 thoughts on “after a lovely afternoon of football watching

  1. "thrashing", or "a** kicking" or perhaps even "smack-down". i'm REALLY looking forward to the phillies whipping on the yanks!

  2. I loved the Steelers/Minnesota game! Steelers rocked! And Cincinnati rocked! I was bummed I missed the Cards/Giants….gotta take a nap sometime! ;)

  3. I almost miss all the Brett Favre jokes I used to hear in Minnesota. It was nice having a quarterback you could actually hate. I don't even know who quarterbacks for the 49ers now.

  4. I had no beef with Favre until about four years ago when he started with the "will I retire or will I stay?" drama. the 'productive' life of a pro sportman is fairly short, particularly qbs with all their concussions. Favre was/is such a drama queen.speaking of the 'Niners, Young was a class act. when he got too worn out to be a qb, he quit.

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