it has occurred to me

that this is a busy time of the year.  what with pro baseball winding down (go
Phillies!), pro football heating up, (here we go, Steelers, here we go!), Hallow'ee'n coming, then Turkey day and the onslaught of rich food to be consumed to be followed by a hungover January…  and then, just like that, it'd be just weeks before KttDX:Duets.

I fear that in this maelstrom of activity and consumption some contenders may not be able to dedicate the time and effort to find a properly unsuitable song.  so as a service to those committed to
KttDX:Duets   I here present, for your consideration, some songs that may, may, make the cut.

first, a swell jazz bit by Lyle Lovett and the fabulous Ms. Francine Reed:

second, two punk icons de-and-reconstruct an impeccable urbane flight of Cole Porter's:

since we all know that country music is the first choice for duets, here's a contemporary American take on a classic:


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6 thoughts on “it has occurred to me

  1. Maybe for next year. I'll be rockin' my silver sequined evening gown. I'm going as a beauty pageant contestant: Miss Adventure.
    Whaddya think?

  2. sounds awesome. there will be a boa, no?I also think you should recycle a couple of the kitties from your CCL costume of lore: the li'l pirate one and the one with the little backpack. always ready for adventure!oh, and a sash reading: HOW FUN!

  3. I gave all the kitties away to a foster kid support program, so they have all found good homes. Yay!
    The lime green feather boa is kind of itchy. Yes, I gave it a test run already. But we'll see. The sash is going to be fun. I need to sew on the letters. Since the party is all things 70's, I'll actually be "Miss Adventure 1971" since that's the year of my birth.
    Now I just need to buy some blue eye shadow and I'll be all set!

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