yeah, yeah, I know I have nothing to say

so I've been clogging tah tubes with tis'n'that which comes across.

and I'll preface this:  I don't care for American Idol, I hardly know anything about Adam Lambert and his musical style; most of what I know is from seeing him in magazine covers.   gorgeous man.  which makes me wonder:  what, exactly, is going on in his album cover?

I don't get it.   there may be a joke or a statement being made but is flying right over me head.  and that glove…

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10 thoughts on “yeah, yeah, I know I have nothing to say

  1. LOL! I don't know. I think it's just him. His sense of humor and his sense of glam combined. I saw this a few days ago and thought "Well this is simply the most homosexual thing I've ever seen". I adore Adam and I'm looking forward to this album.

  2. I guess that's what I don't quite get. doesn't look 'homosexual' to me, but rather drag/camp. which is fine, but I hadn't gotten than from him before.

  3. i love it and hate it at the same time!he contends that the album cover is an "homage to the past" and is meant to be campy… but that's kinda like the lonely kid on the playground who trips, falls on his face, gets laughed at by classmates, and then says, "joke's on you! i MEANT to do that."i don't know. it's too much for me.

  4. you know, Roboco, I think that's exactly the feeling I get that I couldn't quite define before. there's something defiant and at the same time 'outsider'. also, in this context, the album name For Your Entertainment, rubs me wrong. kinda like, "I am here to amuse you". I don't know. maybe I'm too old and have too much baggage.

  5. good lord, that thing is photoshopped beyond looking human. And his shoulder is missing. Shouldn't there be a tiny bit of shoulder showing on the side where his hand is? And the other one goes out way too much. I think the 'campy' aspect would fit if he were Weird Al Yankowhatever. Then I could get it. sorry… I just can't get past the missing shoulder. And the Thriller font.

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