Visualize Proust

not quite as simple as The All-England Summarize Proust Competition (below),  but an accurate visual overview of
A Remembrance of Things Past

take my word for it as not-a-scholar-of-his-works-by-any-means-but-a-devoted-reader-of-M.-Proust, that this chart makes sense.  I'm trying to imagine it in 3-D.

because is too good to pass the opportunity to watch again:

Monty Python’s sketch "The All-England Summarize Proust Competition"

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13 thoughts on “Visualize Proust

  1. My professor in literary criticism made us draw up a similar diagram for a novel of our choice. I thought of doing Cao Xueqin's "A Dream of the Red Chamber," which is another long, convoluted work of literature except that it's set in 18th century China. The problem was that nobody ever left the house in that novel, and on the rare occasion that they did, the writer never gave out the addresses or locations of the places the characters went to.

  2. I'm not sure why choosing Last of the Mohicans to diagram is a joke. must be one of them literlarly peoples jokes. still giving you a C is mean. I can say that LotM is one of the very few books I couldn't finish. interminable. and unlike other books I couldn't tackle on first read, I have never had the slightest urge to pick up LotM again.

  3. I don't recall ever having read any of Proust's works. Hmmm… how can this be?
    I do recall a very Irate Sci-Fi Lit teacher, who happened to be very religious, go figure, who was very off-put by my suggestion of reading the Bible for an extra credit Sci-Fi book report… Hmmm…

  4. was very off-put by my suggestion of reading the Bible for an extra credit Sci-Fi book report… Hmmm…dewd, kzinti. you have some serious cojones to have done that. booyah!

  5. Well, it was the last year she taught Sci-Fi Lit. She had like five miscarriages, suffered intolerable ulcers and all sorts of stuff. I don't like to think that maybe I had something to do with that. The first day of class, she pulls out the syllabus and says these are the ten books we will work with this semester. When she got done, I raised my hand and asked "What happens if we've already read them all?". She replied "You will read them again". To which I replied in an exhuberant fashion, "Oh boy! Study hall!!" and promptly fell alseep.
    Did I mention that I passed the class with a 110% or something ridiculous like that? The final exam? 110%. Perfect, with both bonus questions correct. She quit. <sigh>

  6. "What happens if we've already read them all?". She replied "You will read them again"dewd. I'm sorry about all her health problems and stuff, but last time I checked, her attitude wasn't one designed to inspire students to love of literature.btw, how cool is that you got to take Sci-Fi Lit FOR CREDIT. we dreamed of a class like that…

  7. Best part was it was all nerdy stuff like Dune and Farenheit 451. I aced that class. My best friend was getting a D, so when they turned all the papers loose to us for study aids for the final, I handed him my whole packet and told him good luck. He passed. Woohoo! I slept during the final prep stuff. She was more than slightly miffed… Yeah, I was that kid…

  8. I know, right? How awesome was that class? Like an hour long study hall where you could read Sci-Fi and not get in trouble for it! Sweet…

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