30 movies hath November – The Blues Brothers (1980)

how time flies.  already November. and with November comes NaBloPomo, that time when those of us stubborn enough to do so, valiantly gather enough witty thoughts and sparkle repartee as to fill a blog post every single day of the month.
lucky for me, I'm not one of the above people, and will use any kind of drivel and call it a blog post.  lucky for me, not so much for y'all.

and to minimize intellectual energy even more, I'll be doing my daily post on a theme:  this time is the oh-so-original-one-of-movies.  not.  

if you haven't yet clicked away, here's the first entry


if I'm ever flipping TV channels and come across The Blues Brothers, I stay on it until the end.  it's one of the few rules I've managed to be faithful with ever since I first watched it, oh, so many many years ago.  I won't make the obnoxious boomer mistake of assuming that all of the few of you who reads this is as familiar with the movie as I am, so here be teh wiki.  I find it interesting that its trailer (one of the longest ever, and incidentally, the only clip in youtube where embedding has not been disabled ) manages to leave the watcher without the slightest idea of what the movie is about.

being of a tender age when I first saw TBB is still not an excuse for only recognizing James Brown amongst the legendary musicians featured in the musical numbers.  check it:  Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway, and in a smaller role, John Lee Hooker, and the-by-no-mean-slackers who made up The Blues Brothers Band

the only embedabble clip of a musical number I've found is James Brown's.  the quality is bad as it looks it was filmed from a TV screen.  it is also captioned in Hebrew, which adds an interesting dimension

outside of the musical numbers, some of the best scenes are the one in the mall -again bad quality

and the restaurant scene – bad quality AND dubbed in German, which if you are a fellow fan of TBB allows you to hear how Jake Blues sounds in German. and if you are not a fellow fan, I'd like to know what you think that scene can possibly be about.

many, many clips are available on youtube; you can practically watch the whole movie in bits and pieces.
 if you haven't before please do: at least the fantastic musical numbers.  you may also find the source of all those quotes your friends cite at each other constantly

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29 thoughts on “30 movies hath November – The Blues Brothers (1980)

  1. Every time we go to a mall that has cars displayed in it, we start quoting the mall scene.Along with often saying "we're on a mission from God" and references to how full the tank is, how far we have to go etc.other trivia: the guy who speaks the last line (not counting another musical number) is Spielberg.they don't make 'em like that any more.

  2. ditto, ditto, ditto. also, "four fried chickens and a coke"as many times as I've seen it, it was today, while looking for clips that I noted that the hair salon in the mall is "Curl up and Dye"[hangs head in shame]they don't make 'em like that any moretrue dat. sadly.

  3. I like this theme. I'd play along if I hadn't already just posted daily for a month. I look forward to future entries. I suggest this one for tomorrow.

  4. haven't seen that one. I'll make you a wager, if you take it. on the very very unlikely and remote possibility that the Phillies won't be back-to-back champs (blasphemy! anathema!) not only will I watch your suggestion, but will make it an entry in this movie series.

  5. I accept. And I'll go you one better (since I haven't seen it either): if you watch it, I'll watch it (and post about it) too.

  6. Well, they're not going to lose. But on the off chance they do (and keeping in the spirit of old movies I have never seen) ,I'll post a review of The Philadelphia Story.

  7. hm. tempting. but I'm concerned about weaselly terms: you say you'll post a review of The Philadelphia Story. but you don't say you'll watch it. shall we clarify the terms?

  8. No, no. I don't mean to be weaselly. I'll watch it and post my review. And I've already promised also to watch and review The Pride of the Yankees if I win. So I've put up two movies to your one.

  9. no, no. I'm willing to watch and post a review of The Philadelphia Story when the Yankees lose. so I'm up to both movies also.it's on!

  10. Maybe we should just streamline this into a bet that makes more sense: if the Yankees win, you watch and review The Pride of the Yankees and if the Phillies win I'll watch and review The Philadelphia Story. Unless there's something else you prefer – you should, after all, get to set your own terms.

  11. this works for me. not unless you are tying to back out, having come to the realization the Yankees are doomed.

  12. we were just talking about this, and Sixteen Candles, at work on Friday. Trying to get a youngster (28) to at least watch the Blues Brothers.

  13. Trying to get a youngster (28) to at least watch the Blues Brothers.start her with a YT of one of the musical numbers. Aretha, or Ray. if she can watch that and NOT go out to get the movie, her soul is dead.

  14. watched the James Brown clip (who's the female singer I recognize in the choir?) now i really really want to go to Gospel brunch at The House of Blues. Can't believe I haven't done that yet. I mean, there are only 3 HOB's within driving distance of me.

  15. it's a guy and i think his soul is already dead – he listens to "old people" radio channels and wouldn't go to a whiskey tasting (he's admitted liking whiskey) on a weeknight because it went to 8p and he thought that was too late. and he's cooking a turkey for his housewarming party – despite my repeated insistance that he's only supposed to offer a 6pack and pizza. beyond that is byob!we also want him to watch animal house. but i'm seriously betting he won't like any of the movies.

  16. oh well. some are just born old. hope he enjoys his housewarming turkey.since the fuckity fuck fuck Spankees just beat the Phillies, is time for me to hit teh sack. instead of sheep, I shall count the many, many strikes that the dashing Cliff Lee will inflict upon the Spankees tomorrow.

  17. I keep saying he's going to hit 60 physically, suddenly feel 20 mentally, and be a perverted old man chasing young girls.but i'm totally gonna nom on that housewarming turkey!GOOOO PHILLIES

  18. "We're on a mission from God" was a phrase that got used a lot when I was in high school and something crazy was in the works. The Blues Brothers were the epitome of cool.

  19. silverchimes sez, The Blues Brothers were the epitome of cool. were? what do you mean were? you mean to say they are not?<cries>

  20. [dries tears]are you sure? whew. you scared me for a second there.it's ok, now. don't hide. let's go! we are on a mission from God!** which in my HS was code for "let's cut class and ride around! we be crazee!

  21. Cool. We're good. Whew! Don't want to make a horrible mistake like that again.*Hmmm, the HS code usually meant a party at the river or (worse) in a cotton field. Sad, I know, but back then we thought it was crazy.

  22. I've watched this movie more times than I can count — and re-invested in the CD of the soundtrack many years ago (how many of your LPs did you actually go get CDs for?). As opposed to a lot of stuff from that time period, this movie really has aged well. Great music, great laughs.

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