30 movies hath november – The Matrix (1999)

let's consider The Matrix, shall we?  a movie that is over 10 years old, a sci-fi flick, alternate realities, black leather, more black leather, mixed martial arts…  no wonder it has endured. 
the trailer is…pretty mild, considering

there is also a lot of talk.  choose your reality, open your eyes, take the red pill or the blue pill, the rise of the machines, the-young-man-who-slowly-discovers-he-is-the-chosen-one, yaddayaddayadda.  and then about halfway through a mostly average nerd flick, the serious shit begins at a non-descript building's lobby

I'll confess.  I'll be kicked out of the movie purist group.  I put on this flick, get to the lobby shootout scene, crank up the volume and sit back.  this be teh shit.
and there is more, and more, and more.  pure adrenaline.  and then… no weapons, no alt realities, just an old-fashioned hand-to-hand of epic proportions

and so it ends.

mind you, there is a nasty ugly rumor that The Matrix is just the first of a trilogy.
whatever two movies followed this one, even with the same actors, directors, and so on, have nothing to add to this movie.  avoid them at all cost.  have you been unlucky enough to have seen that drivel, the only solution is to get The Matrix and watch it again and again until any memory of those other movies recedes into the distance.

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15 thoughts on “30 movies hath november – The Matrix (1999)

  1. heh. I'd committed to the post-a-day thing.it is also fine to dislike The Matrixin re baseball: ACK ACK ACK

  2. love love LOVE this film. wish i never saw the stupid ass sequels but such is the problem with living within the matrix, it cannot be unseen.i first saw The Matrix from middle to end, then immediately insisted we watch it beginning to end… kicking myself for, yet again, missing the opp to see an amazing movie while it was on a big screen.

  3. I must watch it again. I'm NaBloPoMo too but not officializing my blather on the intarnets. It may come back to haunt me.

  4. I'm NaBloPoMo tooyou are! neat-O. but don't worry. we won't tell the <whispers> authorities.you and LT. such rebels.btw, now that they are more widely available, try to find a friend with an HDTV/BlueRay when you are going to watch it. this is one of those movies where the Hi-Def really pays out.

  5. I watched ~ 10 minutes of the 2nd, turned it off. at the time, because I was bored; later I realized that it was boring.I get a kick out of nerd-flicky "there is no spoon", too.oh, I don't disagree. and it would have been awesome had the filmmakers left it at that. I love knowing just enough to be intrigued. I don't like having concepts in movies fully explained. then, I may be too harsh: it may also be a matter of a generational/educational/generational gap: as an-almost-forty-year-old when I first saw TheMatrix I was familiar with Plato's cave, the reality you see is not the reality it is, and so on…

  6. I know Auntie Carley loves that movie. Maybe we can watch again together on Liberry equipment, make sure we take advantage of the technology.

  7. I only saw this movie once, in the theater. I really liked it but never saw it again, and never saw any sequels, but I was under the impression that most people liked the sequels, or at least one of them. I barely grasped the first one, so I didn't really need to do my head in with 2 more.

  8. I really enjoyed The Matrix — it delivered one of those few jaw-dropping "am I really watching this" experiences. The first flyover from the first Star Wars when I was 12… the T-Rex attacks the jeeps in Jurassic Park and The Matrix.I watched the ponderous and mostly pointless second installment — never watched the third and now only think of it as one film — much like Ghostbusters.

  9. …it delivered one of those few jaw-dropping "am I really watching this" experiencesexactly. comparing it with the opening of Star Wars is also right-on. I hadn't thought about it in years, but being at the theater (i was, ahem, a smidge older than you) and the lights dimmed down, the John Williams score started and in a galaxy far away… began scrolling) whoa.

  10. This is STILL my favorite movie. And yeah, I used the lobby scene to 1. test out my surround sound when I move/make changes or 2. piss off my neighbors. It still rocks. The trailer was just enough to make you interested but you don't know what the hell is going on until you see it.

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