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  1. I believe!
    I'm watching a Canadian channel that picks up the "international feed" which I'm hoping will be a little less Yankee-centric.

  2. that hit look horribly painful.
    Of course, Girardi's first reaction was to get another ump's opinion because he figured Victorino for faking. Asshole.

  3. Not tonight. Probably again on Wednesday if (when) the Phillies win tonight. So I'll be here, bugging you. If you don't mind. I'll let him know we're here if he wants to join in.

  4. oh, of course. I didn't suggest 'cos I thought you'd be on the phone. so please, comment at will.unfortunately, I'm doing other things so I can't comment as much as before.and since so many people wished they had join on your previous liveblog, feel free to start one. heh. you'd know what my post was about, but who else would?

  5. I mean, I'm listening, but not with undivided attention.Of course, Girardi's first reaction was to get another ump's opinion because he figured Victorino for faking. Asshole.gah. I didn't see that. double asshole. jerk. …Stankee…

  6. I'm multitasking over here tonight, too, so I'll just stick with commenting over here instead of taking host duties. Maybe I'll send a coupla PMs to let people know we're over here.
    Shane's kinda hurt — he shook out his hand after his last at bat, too.

  7. he is hurt. has to be. this is a 90+mile per hour projectile. if he had been hit on the wrist instead of over the knuckles, he'd have a broken wrist.

  8. I tuned in just a bit ago. That young Mr. Utley is quite the looker, and NYY must be a'scared of him to have walked him.And he's SAFE!

  9. Utley gets a lot of walks anyway. That wasn't an intentional walk for at least the first 3 balls.
    Werth got a broken wrist in 2005 from a hit-by-pitch and missed the entire 2006 season, when he was with another team.

  10. Oh dear, here's one of those unfortunate facial-hair kids you've been talking about.How old is this pitcher #32? Dude looks 50 but I know no ballplayer is that old.

  11. You mean the Yankees pitcher they're pulling out now? He's 32. Perhaps this game is aging him.
    Utley is the Man tonight.

  12. what took so long for the Stankee coach to replace that pitcher? he waited till the dude gave up 2 walks, 2 runs, and a steal? duuuude. I'da pulled him 3 batters ago.

  13. I feel very comfortable now that the team has provided some offensive support for Cliff. Strange as it sounds, if they keep building the lead, they may take Lee out after 7 innings to save him for bullpen work if it reaches Game 7 on Thursday.There's no way Victorino can stay in the game now. He'd be hurting the team more by gutting it out because he can't grip anything with his right hand. It's very sad to see and injury like that occur. But I have faith in whoever replaces him. My guess is Greg Dobbs or Ben Francisco with Jayson Werth moving to centerfield.

  14. What keeps Charlie Manuel putting Brad Lidge in to "close" game aftere game? Who knows why managers do what they do.

  15. he looks more his age sitting in the dugout — must have been the stress of his bad pitching and the bad this guy has well-groomed face fuzz, it's okay. even if he flied out.we are describing this without the express written consent of MLB! o noes~

  16. finally, some decent fielding, they remembered what a double play is. but another run scored.that one guy's got his finger bandaged sticking straight out, he's not playing any more tonight.

  17. Cappy's not gonna comment on the relative cuteness of the players.sorry, temporarily distracted by a tuxcat having a nightmare a foot away from me. he's ok now.

  18. Cappy's not gonna comment on the relative cuteness of the players.
    That's okay, there's enough girl expertise on that. I PM'd cranky we were over here, too. She's got the chops on tech & cute.

  19. Oh noes!Did you tickle him awake?I am tending incontinent tortie.Can watch tv, but have to trail away after her periodically.Her timing tends to be bad.

  20. I am tending incontinent tortieSilmi, I take. :( you do what you have to do. hope you can stop by every once and then.

  21. ackpoor sick swine-flued daughter just had a fire drill.loud, loud alarm and down FIFTEEN flights of stairs to stand in the cold.not happy.

  22. Oh, poor Silmi. Can anything be done except cleaning up after her? She's an old kitty, right?Tuxboy woke himself up with a MEOW at whatever he was dreaming about. But I skritched his head and rubbed his ears till he came back to this world.Wow, was that 3 up 3 down?

  23. Well, I had to point out the obvious.What I like about Lee is he knows the umpire has a tight strike zone. Therefore, he's pitching to "contact," and not going after strikeouts. Risk that and you risk running up your pitch count + walking batters. Instead, he's locating his strikes like always and getting batters to tap soft grounders or fly balls.

  24. Jeter! haha!
    Cliff Lee had me scared in the first. He was not looking sharp at all. Thankfully Chase fixed that.
    Poor Shaney. That is so sucky, that is a big loss. No way he is staying in the whole game, he can't even hold his hand up when he catches a fly ball. Well, Karma got Burnett for hitting him. BTW, Laurie, they said the convo w/Girardi (who I admit I like) and the ump was just that Shane wasn't actually pushing in to bunt and therefore did it to himself…the pitch was inside and the HP ump appealed to the 3rd base ump to make sure.

  25. See, this is why it's good to have you here. Though the commentators I'm hearing claimed he was checking to see if it had really hit the bat. They're just guessing, I suppose.

  26. I respect cranks wisdom and deep baseball knowledge; but I'm with laurie's interpretation. besides, it is completely believable.

  27. yeah, I'm not sure if he was really questioning it, but I think with all the hit batsmen he kind of has to go out and see exactly what the call is, make sure they're not gonna start giving warnings again or anything.
    I can't believe Shaney, up 3 balls and no strikes, didn't look to walk, instead swung and grounded out! Mr. Macho. He'd probably want to play if his leg fell off.

  28. They went with 3 starting pitchers, they just want to have their best guys out there. It's kind of a balls to the wall move I guess.
    Hopefully we won't need Braddie tonight!!

  29. My choice to not watch Fox and watch the international feed on the Canadian was right. The announcers sound non-partisan.

  30. I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but I felt compelled to weigh in with this non-opinion.

  31. The Yankees only have 3 quality starting pitchers. Therefore, their best option is rotate on just those 3 pitchers. Given Cole Hamels resignation on the season, the Phillies are down to Pedro Martinez & whoever wants to start Game 7. I'd go with Mrs. Pants => J.A. Happ.This goes against every fiber of my baseball purity, but I'd hook Cliff Lee after the 6th inning to save him for Game 7. If the bullpen can't hold a 4-run lead with 3 innings left, they don't deserve to win.

  32. Okay, I have just lost respect for the announcers I'm hearing. One of them just said, "I love to be entertained by the Phanatic."

  33. Okay, Philly, I'm sorry, but your mascot SUCKS, always has, and giving him a junior version doesn't help.I watched the slow-mo of the guy catching the ball — he's all focused on it and then his eyes shift and you can tell when he realizes that the wall is coming at him and it's going to hurt.

  34. I'm leaning toward my little boyfriend for game 7. I think he can do okay if he's not inheriting someone else's mess. He's been pitching better in relief though he gave up a homer the other night.
    Poor Lidge, I don't hate him for last night. I give Damon a cubic assload of credit for turning things around.

  35. gosh, ladies and gentlemen. a celebrity on our midst.presenting great-actor-of-his-generation Vincent D[Onofrio, who blogs here in VOX incognito.a pleasure to have you here. unless you are a Stankee fan. in that case, vamoose. this is the house of Cliff Lee.

  36. Is it cold there?I'm seeing knit caps in the crowd……Why are they playing baseball in the cold???Seems unnatural.

  37. Okay. Clifford is through 6 innings and only 2 runs given up. Time to pinch-hit for him in the bottom of the inning. He's up to something like 90 pitches. They're gonna need another 60 out of him if they make it to Thursday. It would've been an easier decision if Cole didn't decide to check out until March 2010.

  38. It's in the high 40s in Philadelphia tonight. This is typical late October/early November weather. Sheesh…baseball in November.

  39. I give Damon a cubic assload of credit for turning things around.cranky, I love you like a sister. hell, better 'cos we are not related. but there will be no, absolutely no credit given to that sold-out-philistine-son-of-a-bitch Damon. I have to to keep some standards

  40. We have to win this game first, Cappy. If they take him out, it would not be unheard of for the Yanks to come back. They are keeping him in.
    And I'm not Hamels' biggest fan (I talk to my Gramma in San Diego ALL THE TIME) but his comments were taken a bit out of context from what I understand. He needs to learn when to STFU already. He needs the Crash Davis lesson in talking to the media.

  41. poor Hamels. anyone would be rattled if the paid-for-by-the-Stankees so-called-officials had transformed a double hit into a 2-run Phake Phomer(tm)

  42. That retarded fuck, Posada, forgot how the game is played. Once you're in the batters' box and the pitcher has started his motion, you can't call time out. Stupid fucktard. Learn the game!

  43. Jorge Posada called for timeout to the umpire after Cliff Lee already started his pitching motion. Umpire correctly allowed Lee to throw the pitch, and it counted as a called strike. Naturally Posada complained like a little bitch.

  44. … couldn't they just borrow a stadium somewhere it isn't practically WINTER?I mean, what if Minnesota… or Denver, had made it to the series.This makes no sense.

  45. God Bless America, sung to the sound of toilets flushing all over the continent. God bless pee breaks.

  46. haha…I texted Austin the other night that if my dog was a person he'd look like Posada. That's giving Posada a lot of credit in the looks category I think now.

  47. No, some US serviceperson.
    Utley is like an iceman — he shows no emotion out there. Just that matter-of-fact look, even on an HR.

  48. Hope leaving Lee in the late innings doesn't come back and bite them later. I know, I know. The same could be said for pulling him.I really think an 8-2 lead is safe with 2 innings left for the bullpen. Rauuuuuuuuul…..Raul Ibanez (*think Warren Zevon*)

  49. As an obsessively determined television detective, I find little time for sports. But I do have an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, which I will use to pick apart my perp's story piece by piece. For example, [insert obscure statistic from a 1957 ballgame here].

  50. I keep dozing off, and then waking to find the Phillies have scored again but have gotten their 3 outs.So yay, but all I'm seeing is ads.

  51. We will think good thoughts, me and Silmi.Poor dear is a mystery, but at least 15, and fading now.But remains purry and happy at 5 pounds down from 9.Sigh.But I can sit still again now.

  52. Right now you trade outs for a run. 8-5 after 8 innings is a good situation to be in. But that should remind the Phillies batters that there is work left to be done.

  53. Park did a brilliant job getting out of that inning. Faced 3 batters, got 3 outs. Sucks I don't have any alcoholic beverages to drink if Lidge pitches the 9th inning.

  54. not too bad. finished the top of the 8th without anymore damagec'mon Phillies! three more outs!three more outs!three more outs!three more outs!

  55. Or hemlock. Ouch.Good job with the Ruiz call. I wish they'd use Dobbs or Bruntlett though to bunt Ruiz to 2nd base. Another run would be really huge.

  56. For example, [insert obscure statistic from a 1957 ballgame here]. which I expect supports the contention that Cliff Lee is da man.

  57. We live to nail-bite another day.
    Rollins went to Madson during the last at bat to remind him that Madson had to cover third if Damon tried to steal it.

  58. hey laurie, before you go. did you notice an absence tonight? can't put my finger on it, but it seems there was someone during your game thread last night talking a lot of trash. maybe I'm imagining things.

  59. hey everyone, this has been good. even better for being unplanned and for me being a neglectful hostess. thanks for coming, be careful driving home, keep those typing fingers on ice until Wednesday night.all hail Cliff Lee!

  60. YAYYYYY!!!
    NOW I will hit the showers. Thank you Cliff Lee for getting this over before midnight.
    Holy crapamole.
    I also had Austin on text, and AmyH emailing me—she started by saying, hey, maybe the Phillies should save some of their runs for NY, since it's 8-2! I said, um, no, we're gonna need them!
    also…I think she is a new fan of Jayson Werth too….

  61. Thanks M!!
    Cliff lee is such a studball he doesn't even ice his arm after a game. In fact I think he's in an after-hours arm wrestling club.

  62. LT, if it takes you falling slepp for the Phillies to win, I'll be on the phone singing you lullabies as long as it takes on Wednesday night.thanks for staying with us as long as you did.

  63. thanks for running back-and-forth between the game and the computer and Austin on text and emailing ames.doesn't surprise me that ames is a new convert to the church of St. Werth of the Philly Hotness. she can recognize a good thing when she sees one.and besides, laurie is taken. so she won't be putting up a fight.

  64. Amy should have come on over and joined us!
    Yes mariser, I did notice that someone either didn't discover us tonight, or couldn't take the heat of the Phillies on phire.

  65. I don't think she was at home, she was emailing me from her B-berry.
    I also had a couple texts from DKN (re KOL) and before the game from my friend in LV saying Go Phillies!
    I'm so popular. Most action I've had in years. My txt bill is gonna be like $300 since my limit is like 200….

  66. heh. you will have to explain to Mr. LT why the TV is on (but the sound is off b/c every time I turned it up, it went bad for the Phillies) and why I am sitting on the couch in front of it, falling asleep b/c of low blood sugar/no protein.

  67. heh. just trash-talking the Spankees, cheering for the Phillies, and biting our nails. you know, normal stuff. ;P

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