to my (admittedly few) male readers

if any.

a division of teh SO's place of work is requesting volunteers of the male persuasion, 18 years or over to receive and use an electric razor to keep in exchange for answering a supposedly "brief" survey.  here be the registration to the electric razor evaluation trial. I do not know what brand/type/manufacturer/etc this electric razor is.
open to participants in North America.  Canada, that means you are included.

here be mine disclaimers:

– all I know is listed ^^^^ above.  questions, terms, use of likeness and of survey results need to be taken up with the folks above
teh SO is in no way involved; not his division, no bonus, no referral, no access to data, etc. etc.
– iit is open to North American adult males only.  discriminatory? sure. NA-centric? most likely.  again, not my call

look it over, think about it, participate or not as the spirit moves you.  I won't know, so you won't be hurting my feelings. if I had any.  !hah!
feel free to forward the survey registration link to anyone you think may be interested.  or anyone you want to spam.  your call.

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3 thoughts on “to my (admittedly few) male readers

  1. it be free.(or you know, don't ask him, fill the form, get razor, answer survey any which way you like, wrap up all prettily and.. instant prezint.)

  2. ** The razor will be yours to keep after the survey as a token of our appreciation for your assistance. **butNot everyone who registers will qualify and receive a razor, selected participants will be notified by Intertek.

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