you. yes, you. what you staring at? stupid punk.

today's woot shirt of the day  made me laugh.  out loud.  may have even snorted a li'l

as always, one shirt, one day.  and keep yer attitude to yerself.

disclaimer:  this is not a paid endorsement or otherwise compensated for post.  w00t stuff makes me laugh and if I post about it it seems fair to provide a link. no one is making you click on the link.

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14 thoughts on “you. yes, you. what you staring at? stupid punk.

  1. I love the streamers hanging off the handlebars. We had those too. the basket should be one of those with plastic flowers on it, we had those too.

  2. I don't know if you watch South Park, but this fits in perfectly with last night's episode (even though it was typical offensive SP style). Funny shirt.

  3. I do watch and like South Park, but I was watching the baseball game last night. I'll check for it on repeats, thanks!

  4. [I'm not selling, I swear]ef, there is a range of sizes available can you imagine Ronan in a few years riding a bicycle with mr. ef in matching shirts?dies. of cute[/ I'm not selling, I swear]

  5. heh!. ixnay on any profit sharing idea. I like to keep this blog pure (at least from commercial associations).btw, [still not selling] the tees are American Apparel, short runs, and independent artist designs. this one was designed from an artist who lives in Quezon, Philippines!

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