thirty movies hath november – The Shining (1980)

I'm a complete scaredity-cat when it comes to horror books and movies.  I wasn't born that way; I was made to be that way.  and I know who to blame:  Stephen King.  directly to blame in the case of horror literature (a story for another day) and indirectly in the case of horror movies. 

In the case of movies, while not a bigbig fan of horror movies, I went to my fair share of them – The Amityville Horror, The Omen, others.  and then I watched The Shining.  and that was the end of all that.  I can't even watch horror movie trailers.  even right now, as I was searching for clips in YT I could barely watch each for a few seconds. they kinda look legit, but don't blame me if you get rickrolled in the middle of watching a clip.  blame Stephen King  and Stanley Kubrick, who I just noticed, have the same initials.  conspiracy anyone? 
there are still very contentious arguments as to whether Kubrick messed up/was faithful to/improved upon King's novel.  I have no opinion as I havent' read the novel. or plan to, but here be teh movie wiki.

but why am I writing about a movie I can't bear to watch even a few minutes of? well, because of that same fact. I have  to respect a movie that affected me so profoundly. and I wasn't the only one. The Shining has endured, and is shown in a form of hommage emblematic of this XXI century:   parodies,mashups, recuts.  there are a cubic assload of selfsame all over teh internets; won't take you long to find them.

begin the clippage:


the most famous homicidal maniac moment in American popular culture

and because (1) I'm an unabashed fan of The Simpsons,  (2) it is a parody that has itself become a parody, which is pretty freaking meta, and (3) is brilliant

sorry for the filmed-in-front-of-the-TV quality

and because it showed up on the first page of results when I googled The Shining

The Shining reenacted by bunnies

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20 thoughts on “thirty movies hath november – The Shining (1980)

  1. I never.heard. of. rickrolling. before. w.t.f….
    When I was a wee lass just 11 or 12 in 7th grade in the year 1980, my English teacher made all her classes read a book by her favorite author, a Mr. Stephen King. I chose The Shining. Then we had to write letters to Mr. King, because apparently Stalky McEnglishteacher had his address. Then he sent over a hundred kids copies of his short story The Monkey, which he personalized and autographed. The End.
    Appropriate for 12 year olds? Hm. Well I saw the movie not too much later, I am pretty sure I saw it after. The tv remake of The Shining with I think it was Stephen Webber was more faithful to the book than the film. I actually read the book twice, but I don't really remember specific differences, just that the Kubrick version was much more Kubricized than the book was.

  2. The tv remake of The Shining with I think it was Stephen Webber was more faithful to the book than the film.ah. so that's what all the references to The Shining (1997) were about. good to know. I like your term, Kubricized. though it sounds a bit kinky. which would then explain Eyes Wide Shut <music> the more you know…</music>your teacher was weird. word. maybe she was the inspiration for Miserybtw, you never heard of rickrolling because your nephews/nieces are not teenagers. just you wait (it'll be something else by then)

  3. Now I'm thinking I encountered rickrolling somewhere, maybe not on YT, or maybe I did and was just to confused to let it register…I dunno.

  4. I love rickrolling! I rickrolled you guys once. It was teh funny!mariser, we're of one mind with horror movies. I can't even watch the trailers of the Shining. Mostly because when it came out, a friend of mine saw it and said, Oh it's not that scary. Well, it was on TV just before Halloween and just as freakin scary as it was 20 years ago. It has everything. Insanity, the paranormal, violence, isolation, everything that scares the bejeezus out of human beings when rolled into one package. Not all the gore in the world will ever top it.

  5. As much respect as I have for this film, I can't help but call it the Shinning. That's one of the best Simpson's parodies ever.The remake with Stephen Weber and Rebecca DeMornay was really good and during a period where ABC seemed to be making a lot of King films. It's nice that the remake was closer to the book, but nothing is as creepy or scary as the original Shinning film.

  6. I'm like Valerae — I keep wanting to call it "The Shinning" and randomly say — "Ssshhh! You want to get suuuuuuuuued?!?!?" and "Hrmm… I thought the blood usually gets off at the third floor…."I also liked the TV-miniseries version — mostly for Rebecca DeMornay (rawr), but it was actually a pretty good version. Good choice for today's movie.

  7. They WERE making a bunch of King stuff for TV back then, weren't they? what was the one they made with Colm Meaney a year or two later? The Stand? That one started out really good and scary as poop but I seem to remember it ended lamely. That's as much as I recall, except that it was after I first got Elvis…well, maybe within the first year because I was living at my mom's but anyway, I couldn't find the dog and I was freaking out…I kept going outside looking for him and scaring myself half to death because it was my mom's shore house, in the winter, and it's really deserted there, and I think the dog turned out to be hiding somewhere in the house.

  8. jaypo, glad to see you are with me. wimps of the world unite!did you check the the shining by bunnies ? is only 30-seconds long.reminds me of another scary thing about The Shining; that music gave teh creeps. masterful.

  9. Omg..I think the movie The Shining scared me more than any other movie ever in my life. I went home with the biggest case of the heebie jeebies and had to take a sleeping bag upstairs so I could sleep in the same level of the house as all the other people. I was not sleeping on the lower level by myself…no.way. The Simpson's parody was definitely one of their best ever, too! It's been years and years and years since I read the book….I probably better just let it go at that! ;)That said I love love LOVE Stephen King for his "not so horror" books…The Stand, Insomnia, The Green Mile, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Dead Zone…that's all I can think of right now…and those are my most favorites of his. His horror books don't do that much for me.

  10. That didn't skeer me at all. Bunnies make everything ok, even when they've got hatchets and axes. Music is very powerful…!

  11. Bunnies make everything ok, even when they've got hatchets and axesindeed. still, better you don't let Buz watch it. he's such an impressionable little bebeh.if you haven't you should check out the other movies-by-bunnies at that link. brilliant stuff.

  12. I always loved the fire-axe in the chest scene. You see whatsis name come in form the cold, walk around the corner and then he looks down and there is this axe handle sticking out at angles from his chest. Very cool, nicely done visually without all the gore.

  13. great movie for sure. not a big fan of stephen king's writing but his movies are great! (well, i guess they're not his movies exactly).

  14. I haven't seen the movie, but those bunnies are hilarious! I had to go watch Pirates, Star Wars, and March of the Penguins. I think I know what I'll be doing part of the day…

  15. i love "misery."better man than me. ;P even though is not 'horror' horror, "Misery" has to be excruciating to watch.(I think The Simpsons did a parody too}

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