thirty movies hath november – Friday (1995)

a lot can go down between thursday and saturday..

the first time I saw Friday, one of the reasons it made me laugh is because Ice Cube's character, Craig, looked and had expressions exactly like my brother.  by now neither mr. Cube nor more brother look much like each other or their younger selves.
set in one of the same neighborhoods that three years earlier had been the site of riots made this light coming-of-age comedy feel hopeful.

the characters of  Friday :Craig, Smokey, Deebo, Debbie, are the best thing about it.  as memorable, as, say,those of  Fast Times at…

the time frame of the movie is the "Friday" of the title. Craig, who still lives at home (much to the dismay of his parents), has just lost his job. as he figures what comes next he becomes involved with his friend Smokey's schemes and troubles.  most of the action takes place in and about the front porch of Craig's home


"you are fuckin' the rotation!"  Smokey schools Craig on the etiquette of joint-sharing

Friday's soundtrack feature the biggest hip-hop starts of the mid-1990s.  the 'theme' song by Ice Cube

the outstanding track, Dr Dre's Keep their heads ringin


there are two movies follow up to FridayNext Friday, with most of the same actors and crew, and Friday After Next, without.  I haven't seen either, but I've heard that Friday After Next is worth watching.


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11 thoughts on “thirty movies hath november – Friday (1995)

  1. That is so crazy, I made a reference to Friday when I named the picture of Robin Curtis on my Star Trek post today (of course it had been so long I slightly misquoted it, but it's fixed now thanks to your clip!). I didn't think anyone remembered this movie! Ha!I didn't see the sequels either but I loved the original.

  2. heh. I meant to leave a comment at your post that I don't know nuthin' about Star Trek, the movies or the sequels, but that your captions were killing me. killing me until dead.

  3. I never even heard of this movie till either the late 90s or early 2000s. In 1995 I spent 2 months out of the country so any movie that came out in that time period was lost to me. Never saw the commercials, never saw the movie posters, never saw the movie, and then when someone mentioned it to me I gave them the vacant stare of a cow. Not like there were that many but this must have been one that not only came out while I was away but none of my friends saw it either…and when I heard about it a few years later I was like…when the hell did that movie come out?! and of course people thought I was living under a rock, though I admit I wasn't nearly as interested or well-versed on movies as I am now (and that's not to say that I am even now,just moreso than I was)
    So anyway. I've never seen Friday. But before I read your review, as much as I knew about it, was that it was a comedy that took place on someone's front stoop in the 'hood. So now I knew about as much as I did before. :-P (only cuz I didn't watch the clips)
    I have to go to bed, this headache is making me even more moronic.

  4. OMG…we quote Friday almost as much as we quote Friday After Next..which we just watched the other night (on wasn't on TV). The middle one was middlin' but the other two are awesome! "And Craig let him do it." "Why Craig, why?!" Love those movies!

  5. i love this movie! we used to watch it every Friday during my senior year of college, usually with a hungover group of friends (and some "new friends" who found themselves woken up on our couch by the soundtrack of this movie). what a hoot! i used to know every single line and could do the whole movie without the audio, but now i can only remember some favorite lines… ah, good times.

  6. I'm really liking your theme for the blogging month. :) I'm sure it takes a heck of a lot of time to watch these and write up the posts, but still, as McDonald's always says, I'm lovin it. :)

  7. Supposedly, there was an animated series based on the first two movies, but I can't find reference of it past Wikipedia.

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