thirty movies hath november – Midnight run (1988)

before he became a caricature in Meet the parents and Meet the parents II, Robert DeNiro was actually very funny in the 'comedic thriller' Midnight Run.  (NOTE: how do you know you are old? old old? when a movie you watched when first released is touted as a classic. teh ouch.  if Midnight Run were a college students it'd be finally drinking legally)

whatever a 'comedic thriller' is supposed to be, this movie was it. cant' think of any other movie that qualifies.

and to think it almost became a-for-sure-train-wreck.  check it

"one of the studio (Paramount)  proposals for the role of Jonathan Mardukas was Robin Williams*, who agreed to audition  <shudders> meanwhile, the director, Martin Brest, had auditioned and cast Charles Grodin in the role, which lead Paramount to drop out of the production and sell the rights to Universal."

*  Robin Williams!  ack, ack, ack. 

besides being a 'comedic thriller' Midnight Run is also a 'buddy movie', a 'road movie', and others. it is also hilarious.


did you catch the bit about "fistophobia"?  here's the entire exchange:

Jack Walsh: I can't keep you cuffed on a commercial flight, and I gotta check my gun with my luggage, but you fuck with me once and I'm gonna break your neck.
Jonathan Mardukas: I can't fly.
Jack Walsh: What?
Jonathan Mardukas: You heard me, I can't fly.
Jack Walsh: No, no, no. You're going to have to do better than that, pal.
Jonathan Mardukas: No, I don't have to do better than that, because it's the truth, I can't fly: I suffer from aviaphobia.
Jack Walsh: What does that mean?
Jonathan Mardukas: It means I can't fly. I also suffer from acrophobia and claustrophobia.
Jack Walsh: I'll tell you what: if you don't cooperate, you're gonna suffer from "fistophobia".

Mardukas must be faking, right?  good thing Walsh saw right through that.

should have listened

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5 thoughts on “thirty movies hath november – Midnight run (1988)

  1. This is one seriously good movie, but I would call it an "action comedy" instead of "comedic thriller." Other excellent examples of action comedies include Die Hard and Beverly Hills Cop (which was also directed by Brest.)

  2. I think there is a typo in your post title. Unless 11-year-olds are drinking legally now. Which is possible, given Our Nation's Declining Moral Values.
    Oh man, I'm glad they didn't put Robin Williams in this movie. Charles Grodin was seriously funny.

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